Level 2


  • Use the basic essay format to express more complex thoughts and ideas
  • Learn how to meaningfully vary sentence structure in order to clarify ideas by using subordinating clauses and purposeful transitions
  • Review thoroughly the simple and progressive aspects for present, past, and future, and are introduced to the perfect aspect for present
  • Will write complex sentences by using adverb clauses, limited conditionals, and adjective clauses as well as basic modals and noun phrases showing comparisons
  • Continue to use pre-reading skills to ascertain the basic structure of a text
  • Are introduced to the summarizing and the paraphrasing process
  • Begin to interpret texts and write longer responses to texts, make inferences, and draw logical conclusions.
  • Learn the foundation for understanding parts of speech, word families, and spelling
  • Are taught a variety of vocabulary, focusing on not only building their current vocabulary but also developing strategies for learning new vocabulary and understanding word parts for spelling. Vocabulary instruction focuses on sight words, common verbs, and the AWL
  • Learn more note-taking and listening strategies
  • Continue to develop presentations, speak in groups
  • Improve pronunciation and speaking patterns

Course Objectives