Level 5 Presentations

To graduate from the ESL Academy, level 5 students must present his/her research paper. Below is a list of a few presentation titles for students to get the feel of our academic requirements.

Engineering​​ ​Business Education​ Urban Design/ Architecture​ ​Other
Earthquake-Resistant Buildings​ ​Economic Corruption in Middle East and North Africa ​Helpful Pedagogy and Technology for K-12 Math Teachers ​Reuse of Solid Waste in Construction ​Fukushima Disaster
​Analysis of Uses of Nanotechnology in New Airplanes ​The Expectation Gap between Auditor Report and Stockholders ​Cafeterias in U.S. Public Schools Threaten Children’s Health Today ​Green Buildings ​Background and (present/future) Impact of Venezuelan Revolution
Antennas and Waves Propagation​ ​Opportunity in Mobile Application Markets ​Outsourcing in the USA ​Corrosion of Immersed Steel Structures ​Function, Purpose, and Impact of Recycling in the US/Colorado
Linear Fresnel Reflector Solar Systems​ ​The Role of Gold in the Global Financial System ​Function and Effectiveness of Homeschool ​Cultural Influences Shaping U.S. Architecture ​Types, Causes, and Treatments of Gum Diseases
Gypsum in Construction​​​​​ ​Online Privacy and Government Spying ​The Effects of International Students in the USA ​Avoiding Damage Caused to Roads Due to Frost Heaving ​The Importance of Mental Preparation in High-Level Individual Sports
Cloud Computing, Function and Benefits​ ​Data Warehouse and Business Intelligences ​Analysis of Farm to School Programs ​Four Main Elements That Support Working Comfort and Productivity in an Office Building ​Nanotechnology in Surgery
Positive Effects of Green Buildings in U.S.​ ​Monopoly: It's Not Just a Game ​Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among Primary Students in the US ​Prevention of Advancing Spinal Curvatures in Adults with Scoliosis