​Tuition payment is due on Friday of week 1. (NOTE: Other university fees may be billed separately and must be paid in full by the payment deadline indicated in the bill). Students who do not pay will not be allowed to continue attending classes at the ESL Academy. Students can find their bill in the UCDAccess​. Bills may be paid with a credit card, debit card, or by electronic check. If students pay by credit card a service fee of 2.75% will be added to their total bill. For students who are sponsored by a third party, this requirement for payment of tuition in full is waived as long as they present a valid Financial Guarantee Letter from their sponsor prior to registration​. Otherwise, these students must pay the tuition in full with personal/private funds. For help with your payment you may contact the Bursar's Office​.

Item Cost (USD) each 8-week Term*
Tuition $3,266
Student Fees** $700.48
Health Insurance $510
Books (Estimated) $150
Other Living Expenses $2,988
Total: $7,614.48

 * In order to receive a 1-year form I-20, students will need to prove $38,072 USD.
** Student fees will vary for continuing students during the Fall II and Spring II terms.