This document specifies degree requirements for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) seeking secondary English teacher licensure through the Urban Community Teacher Education (UCTE) program in the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD).  The requirements specified below fulfill all degree and licensure requirements. Students are responsible for knowing and fulfilling all degree requirements.  Academic advising is strongly encouraged each semester and is available from the CLAS Advising Office, NC 4002, 303-315-7100. Students should also meet with the faculty advisor in English designated to work with secondary licensure students, 1015 Ninth Street, 303-315-7830.

CU Denver Campus Core/ CLAS Graduation Requirements and UCTE Preparation - 55 credit hours

All coursework required to satisfy campus core intellectual competencies , Communicative Skills and Foreign language requires a minimum grade of C- (1.7) and a cum GPA of a 2.75, UEDU 4910 which requires a minimum grade of B (3.0).    Courses with an “R” prefix are required to meet UCTE admission requirements and courses with an “S” prefix are suggested to provide breadth helpful for secondary English teachers.  Students should complete the UCD Campus Core, CLAS Graduation  Requirements, UEDU 4910 and major courses at the time of application to the UCTE program and/or be registered for the remaining coursework.

Students must see a major advisor within the first year of starting at CU Denver. 1015 Ninth Street, 303-315-7830. CLAS students seeking secondary English licensure must complete the Literature option within the English major.  This degree option requires 42 semester hours of English courses concentrating on literature but also including writing.  Students are also required to have a minimum of 27 upper division hours in English..  The BA in English requires a minimum of 15 semester hours be taken at UC Denver, and each course applied to the major must earn a minimum ‘C’ (2.0) grade.  Students should complete all major requirements at the time of application to UCTE program, be registered for remaining major coursework, or have a plan approved that the courses remaining fit into the 15 month teacher education program.  The following list of courses for the major should be used as a guide.  Please see the assigned faculty advisor in English for the most current list of requirements.

Program Learning Goals

English Department Requirements:
Required Courses
  • ENGL 2450 Introduction to Literature (R)
  • ENGL 2070 Grammar, Rhetoric and Style (R)
  • ENGL 2600 Literary Classics (R)
  • ENGL 3001 Critical Writing (R)
  • ENGL 3084 Multimedia Composition (R)
  • ENGL Shakespeare (R)
  • ENGL 3795 Race and Ethnicity in American Literature (R)
American, British and Contemporary Literature (9 Credit Hours, Choose 1 from each category)
American Literature
  • ENGL 3700 American Literature to the Civil War          
  • ENGL 3750 American Literature after  the Civil War
  • ENGL 4166 History of American Poetry
  • ENGL 4230 American Novel
  • ENGL 4350 History of American Drama

British Literature

  • ENGL 4200 Survey of English Novel to 1900
  • ENGL 4300 History of British Drama
  • ENGL 4320 History of Poetry in English

 Contemporary Literature

  • ENGL 4250 20th Century Fiction
  • ENGL 4460 Contemporary World Literature
  • ENGL 4600 Modernism

Creative Writing/Film – (3 Credit Hours, choose 1 course)

  • ENGL 2156 Intro to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 2250 Introduction to Film

Language Development – (3 Credit Hours, choose 1 course)

  • ENGL 3160 Language Theory
  • ENGL 4080 History of the English Language                               

Media/Language Acquisition – (3 Credit Hours, choose 1 course)

  • ENGL 4190 Approved course in Multimedia only
  • ENGL 4601 Principles & Practices 2nd Lang. Acquisition

Upper Division Literature Elective – (3 Credit Hours, choose 1 course)

  • ENGL 4000 Studies of Major Authors (authors vary by semester)
  • ENGL 4236 American Short Story
  • ENGL 4500 Medieval Literature
  • ENGL 4520 English Renaissance
  • ENGL 4560 English Romanticism
  • ENGL 4580 The Victorian Age           

CU Denver Campus Core/ CLAS Graduation Requirements and UCTE Preparation (55 semester hours):

All coursework required to satisfy campus core intellectual competencies , Communicative Skills and Foreign language requires a minimum grade of C- (1.7) and a cum GPA of a 2.75; UEDU 4910 requires a minimum grade of a B (3.0). Courses with an “R” are required to meet UCTE admission requirements and courses with an “S” are suggested to provide breadth helpful for secondary English teachers.  Students should complete the UCD Campus Core, CLAS Graduation  Requirements, UEDU 4910 and major courses at the time of application to the UCTE program and/or be registered for the remaining coursework.

CU Denver  Campus Core:
English and Math - (9 Credit Hours) 
  • ENGL 1020 Core Composition I (R)                                                                
  • ENGL 2030 Core Composition II (R)                               
  • MATH 2830 Introductory Statistics (R)           


Arts  – (3 Credit Hours)                                                                           

  • ARTS 1450    Visual Culture: Ways of Seeing
  • FINE 1001 Introduction to Art
  • P MUS 1001 Music Appreciation
  • THTR 1001 Introduction to Theatre                                      

Humanities  – (3 Credit Hours)                                                                             

  • CNST 1000 China and the Chinese   
  • ETST 2155 African American History
  • FREN 1000 Intro to Cult of the Fr Speak World
  • GRMN 1000 Germany and the Germans
  • HIST 1361 US History to 1876
  • HIST 1362 US History since 1876
  • HIST 1381 Paths to the Present I
  • HIST 1382 Paths to the Present II
  • PHIL 1012 Intro to Phil: Relationship of the Individual to the World         
  • PHIL 1020 Intro to Ethics: The Person and the Community
  • PHIL 2441 Logic and Language
  • RLST 1610 Intro to Religious Studies
  • RLST 2660 World Religions
  • SJUS 2010 Social Justice: Theories, Narrative and Technology
  • SPAN 1000 Intro to Culture of Spanish-Speaking World                                              

Behavioral Sciences – (3 Credit Hours)

  • ANTH 1302 Intro to Archaeology
  • ANTH 2102 Culture and the Human Experience
  • COMM 1011 Fundamentals of Mass Communication
  • COMM 1021 Fundamentals of Mass Communication
  • PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology I
  • PSYC 1005 Introduction to Psychology II                                        

Social Sciences – (3 Credit Hours)

  • ECON 2012 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2022 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
  • ENVS 1342 Introduction to Environment and Society
  • ETST 2000 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • GEOG 1102 World Regional Geography
  • GEOG 1602 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • GEOG 2202 Natural Hazards
  • HBSC 2001 Intro. to Comm. & Population Health Sci.
  • PSCI 1001 Intro to Pol Sci:  Quest for Free and Justice
  • PSCI 1101 American Political Systems
  • SJUS 2000 Democratic Participation and Social Justice
  • SOCY 1001 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCY 2462 Introduction to Social Psychology                               

Biological & Physical Sciences – (8 Credit Hours)

  • BIOL 1550 Basic Biology I w/lab (S)
  • BIOL 1560 Basic Biology II w/lab
  • CHEM 1474 Chemistry for the Consumer w/lab
  • ENVS 1042 Intro to Environmental Science w/lab (S)
  • PHYS 1000 Introduction to Physics (w/lab)(no longer offered)
  • PHYS 1052 General Astronomy I (w/lab)                                                                                    

Cultural Diversity – (3 Credit Hours)

  • ENGL 3795 Race and Ethnicity in American Literature –also counts as major requirement (R)                          

International Perspectives - (3 Credit Hours)

  • ENGL 3798 International Perspectives in Lit and Film
  • ENGR 3600 International Dimensions of Tech & Cult
  • ETST 3110 Indigenous Studies
  • ETST 3272 Global Media
  • FREN 3200 Francophone World in Post-Colonial Era
  • GRMN 3200 Current German Society and Culture
  • HIST 3121 The World at War, 1914-1945
  • HIST 4032 Globalization in World History since 1945
  • INTB 3000 Global Perspectives
  • PSCI 3022 Intro to Comparative Politics
  • PSCI 3042 Intro to International Relations                                      

CLAS Graduation Requirements - Complete in addition to the UC Denver campus core

Communicative Skills  - (3 Credit Hours)

  • ENGL 3084 Multimedia Composition- can double count                                             

Foreign Language  

Foreign language proficiency is demonstrated through a second semester college course (1020) with a minimum grade of ‘C−’ (1.7), satisfactory CLAS proficiency testing, or completion of second year (Level II) high school course with a minimum grade of ‘C−’ (1.7).                                               

Behavioral Science - (3 Credit Hours)

ANY PSYC, COMM or ANTH –(PSYC 3205 recommended) except  ANTH 1303, ANTH3301, ANTH 3512 and PSYC 2220                                

Social Science - (3 Credit Hours)

Any 3 credit hour course in ECON, ETST, GEOG, HBSC, PSCI or SOCY excluding:  ENVS 1042, ETST 2155,

GEOG 1202,  GEOG 3232, and GEOG 3240

Biological & Physical Science & Math - (3 Credit Hours)

Any 3 credit hour course in BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS or MATH (excluding MATH 3040 and MATH Intellectual Competency course).  May also consider ANTH 3301,   ANTH 3512, ENVS 1042, GEOG 3232 and GEOG 3240                                

Initial UCTE (Urban Community Teacher Education) Courses – (8 Credit Hours) Minimum grades of B (3.0) required

Initial Application Due Oct 15 or March 15                  

  • UEDU 4010 Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban Education                                              
  • UEDU 4020 Co-developing Culturally Responsive Classroom Communities                                             
  • UEDU 4930 Education Internship and Seminar – 120 contact hours of internship(s) providing supervised experience with children.  As part of the internship experience students are required to attend an on-campus seminar which will provide added support and strategies needed to work with children. A minimum of 12 semester hours with a 2.75 cum GPA must be completed at UC Denver to be eligible to participate in this internship.  Minimum grade of B (3.0) is required. 

Note: Must apply for initial UCTE admission to be eligible for class.  Deadlines: Fall – March 15 Spring –October 15    

Elective Credit  (1 Credit Hour)

CLAS students must earn a minimum of 120 semester hours to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  With successful completion of the General Education, English major requirements and the UCTE Secondary Licensure courses, students may be required to complete additional coursework to meet the minimum 120 semester hours. 

Urban Community Teacher Education  (29 Credit Hours):

CLAS students seeking admission to the UCTE program should contact their CLAS Advisor for application forms and procedures.  Admission to the UCTE program in the SEHD is competitive, and CLAS students who successfully complete the general education and UCTE preparation courses are not guaranteed admission to the UCTE program. 

Application Deadlines for Full Admissions   

In order to be considered for a Spring Semester Start

In order to be considered for a Fall Semester Start

August 15

January 15 or February 15


CLAS students are required to complete the UEDU Secondary Education Licensure courses with a minimum grade of “B” 3.0 in all UEDU courses.  Special Note: a minimum of a grade of B (3.0) is required for remaining UEDU Internships. Student can transfer maximum 9 credits teacher licensure courses.  Transfer courses must be approved by the SEHD.  Student must successfully pass the PLACE or PRAXIS II content test when applying to the program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

UEDU Secondary Licensure Courses – All UEDU courses require minimum grade of B (3.0)                           

  • UEDU 4040 Pedagogy I (Concurrent Internship)
  • UEDU 4050 Pedagogy II (Concurrent Internship)
  • UEDU 4110 Secondary Literacy Instruction and Assessment (Concurrent Internship)           
  • UEDU 4010 Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban Education (Concurrent Internship)
  • UEDU 4020 Co-developing Classroom Communities for Learning (Concurrent Internship)
  • SPED 4030 Individualizing Instruction for Diverse Learners
  • UEDU 4740 Adolescent Literature
  • UEDU 4760 Theory and Methods of Teaching Secondary English
  • UEDU 4911 Internship and Site Seminar I,
  • UEDU 4912 Internship and Site Seminar II,
  • UEDU 4913 Internship and Site Seminar III,

The UCTE advisor in the SEHD verifies course work requirements for Internships, PLACE/PRAXIS II content testing, and completion of UEDU course requirements for secondary English licensure.  The CLAS advisor verifies UEDU course work applied to BA degree requirements.

BA Degree and Colorado Licensure

CLAS students must complete the 42hr (30 hours in residence) major in English with an emphasis in Literature to fulfill graduation requirements for the major.  It is preferable to complete the BA – English courses before starting the UEDU program, but a small number of ENGL courses can be completed concurrently with UCTE course work.  Students must successfully complete the 35-hr (20 hours in residence) UCTE program for Colorado licensure. Failure to successfully complete the UCTE licensure program will preclude Colorado licensure.

The semester before planned graduation, CLAS students must meet with their CLAS advisor to verify completion of course work requirements for the BA degree and Colorado secondary English licensure, and to select course work for the last semester.  Students must formally apply for both graduation and licensure, meet the application deadlines, and satisfactorily complete the last semester course work.

  • Meet with CLAS and SEHD advisors the semester before planned graduation.
  • Apply for BA degree graduation through CLAS Advising Office, NC 1030.
  • Apply for Colorado licensure through CLAS Advising Office, NC 1030.
  • Complete application for graduation (CLAS) and licensure (SEHD) by the published deadlines.
  • Satisfactorily complete last semester course work toward UCTE licensure and BA – ENGL major.
  • Receive BA diploma and Colorado secondary English licensure certificate

CLAS students may wish to speak with an advisor in SEHD about obtaining a content or education master’s degree following completion of the BA/UEDU programs.