photo of alan vajda

Don't Swim in the South Platte Warns Alan Vajda

June 16, 2022

If you go to the Confluence on any given hot day, you may see people wading into the water. The city doesn’t recommend it, but there's no firm ban that’s enforced. Alan Vajda, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology, who has done academic research on the South Platte going back to...

photo of esther sullivan

Esther Sullivan on the Impact of Rent Hikes on Mobile Home Owners

June 16, 2022

“Almost across the board, park residents are renting the land under their homes,” said Sociology Associate Professor Esther Sullivan , whose work focuses on mobile homes. “So a missed lot payment puts not only their housing at risk, but can also wipe out their accrued wealth." ‘We’re all afraid’: Massive...

photo of gillian silverman

Gillian Silverman on the Modern Scarlet Letter Placed on Amber Heard

June 16, 2022

While much of the circus surrounding the Depp-Heard trial feels entirely of this moment (a livestream that regularly draws half a million viewers, the rhetoric around “believing women,” and the sheer power of Mr. Depp’s fans to shape the narrative) in many ways what we are witnessing is a story...

photo of jennifer reich

Abortion Ban Impacts Will Extend to Men Says Jennifer Reich

June 16, 2022

One of the few social scientists who has conducted research on adult men involved in abortions is Professor of Sociology Jennifer Reich. “Everybody benefits when individuals can control their own reproduction, but the benefit can be invisible for cis men since they don’t absorb the risks of pregnancy and it’s...

photo of jamie hodgkins

Op-Ed From Jamie Hodgkins Highlights the Challenges of Fieldwork for Parents, and Launches Survey to Gather Data

May 11, 2022

Associate Professor of Anthropology Jamie Hodgkins (and Jessica Thompson of Yale University) recently shared their personal experiences of being pregnant or new moms while conducting fieldwork. They call for family-friendly work cultures in an effort to increase the diversity of people engaged in field sciences. In an effort to evaluate...

photo of hani mansour

Hani Mansour Comments on Impacts of Legislation Requiring Pay Scales in Job Ads

May 11, 2022

Some HR departments are still scrambling to comply with requirements that became effective January 1, 2021, as part of the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, (C.R.S. § 8-5-101 et seq.), which requires employers to include compensation in job posting. Says Economics Professor Hani Mansour, "It's creating a lot...

photo of adam ippert

Adam Lippert’s New Research on Health Impacts of Student Loan Debt

May 11, 2022

Student loan debt is correlated with poor physical and mental health, according to new research published by Assistant Professor of Sociology Adam Lippert and his colleagues in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine , “ Student Debt and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among U.S. Adults in Early Mid-Life .” It is...

photo of rachel gross

Commerce’s Place in the Quest to Connect to Nature from Rachel Gross

May 11, 2022

The first flagship Abercrombie and Fitch store, says Assistant Professor of History Rachel Gross, was a defining element of the brand’s legacy as an outdoors outfitter. That is, in her words, as “one of the most important companies for shaping this notion in the U.S. that to get back to...

photo of addyson zhang

Ai Addyson-Zhang is Using Her ICB Education to Create Classrooms Without Walls

April 28, 2022

As a former professor, International College Beijing Communications alum (BA, 2003) Ai Addyson-Zhang saw firsthand how a traditional school curriculum wasn't serving her students—who were terrified of failure, stressed, and lacking real-world skills. Addyson-Zhang shares how these observations, along with her own struggles as a student, inspired her to launch...

photo of karen spencer

Karen Lutfey Spencer Research Cited to Explain Medical Gaslighting

April 14, 2022

In this article experts break down exactly what gaslighting means, and the article posits four categories of gaslighting. In medical gaslighting, women and particularly women of color "are often diagnosed and treated differently by doctors than men, even when they have the same health conditions," according to Karen Lutfey Spencer,...