photo of Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedson Points Out the COVID-19 Impact on Local Restaurants and Government Coffers

March 30, 2020

Colorado Restaurant Association CEO Sonia Riggs said that business at most eateries was down between 20% and 50% by March 13, even before the new coronavirus restrictions — it is likely to be devastating for some businesses in the short term and transformational for some time to come. “The impact...

photo of maren scull

Maren Scull Believes Sugar Dating is More Complicated than Money

March 5, 2020

Despite the lure of money, fancy dinners, trips or gifts, Maren Scull, Assistant Professor of Sociology Clinical Teaching Track, believes sugar dating is more complicated than money. Scull has been studying the sugar dating phenomenon since 2015 and recently published a study about it. Some students, others turn to 'sugar...

photo of jennifer reich

More on the Mentality behind the Choice Not to Vaccinate, from Jennifer Reich

March 5, 2020

The pressure modern parents feel to make the right child-rearing decisions is just one reason some decide not to have their kids vaccinated, or to forgo certain vaccines, according to Sociology Professor Jennifer Reich. “Each decision parents make, whether it's school choice, whether it's traveling soccer teams and tutoring, whether...

photo of brian buma

Brian Buma Researches the Timeline for Wildfires in the West and the Impact of Mudslides

March 5, 2020

After a wildfire in the West, the same terrain could burn again in as soon as 10 to 20 years, according to a new study looking at nearly 30 years of wildfires from California to Colorado – including the biggest wildfire in Colorado's history (the 2002 Hayman Fire, which burned...

Faye Caronan and Lisa Keranen on Racism Spreading Like a Virus

March 5, 2020

Focusing on how anxiety can fuel racism, and how that can be prevented, Faye Caronan (Associate Professor and Chair of the Ethnic Studies), and Lisa Keranen (Associate Professor and Chair of the Communication) held an event on campus focusing on the Coronavirus, and also sat down with local media. Colorado...

photo of Esther Sullivan

Expert Commentary from Esther Sullivan on Florida’s Mobile Home Laws

Feb. 18, 2020

Decades-old protections for mobile-home owners could be upended under a series of industry-backed proposals introduced this legislative session — and housing advocates warn they could result in more evictions for some of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. Currently, manufactured housing is the country’s largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing, with about...

photo of Tom Noel

Tom Noel Weighs in on Snow Impacts in Denver

Feb. 18, 2020

"I think people are getting more cautious," Tom Noel, History Professor and Dr. Colorado. "I think a lot of newcomers here aren’t used to the snow," Dr. Noel said. "So for them, it’s a big deal." An estimated 2,932,415 people now call greater Denver home. According to the Denver Regional...

photo of Meng Li

Everyone Spread the Word on Flu Shots, says Meng Li

Feb. 18, 2020

Meng Li, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences, co-authored this op-ed with Helen Colby, Assistant Professor of Marketing, IUPUI. The authors remind everyone that the flu shot doesn’t just benefit the person who gets it. It also helps protect everyone around...

photo of Amanda Weaver

Amanda Weaver Advocates for Sustainable Practices in the Evolving Beef Industry

Feb. 5, 2020

Geography and Environmental Sciences Senior Instructor Amanda Weaver studies local farming economics, teaches undergraduate courses on sustainable urban agriculture, and owns 5 Fridges Farmin Wheat Ridge. Weaver advocates for sustainable pasturing practices, to limit methane from ranching and agriculture and to promote carbon sequestration in soils. But, she says, it’s...

photo of James Walsh

Immigration Aids U.S. Economic Success, Cites James Walsh

Feb. 5, 2020

“Every serious study of migrants in the U.S. determines that they are a great boost to our economy,” says James Walsh, Political Science Clinical Associate Professor. “Without immigrant communities, many towns across the U.S. would be in serious economic trouble,” he went on to say. “Immigrants pay taxes, commit few...