photo of jennifer reich
Reich on anti-vax mindset

April 23, 2019

“I think one of the things parents are grappling with is how much they trust government regulation, how much they trust information that they’re given,” said Jennifer Reich, Professor of Sociology. “Parents cited to me a similar distrust of food regulation or a similar distrust of chemical companies or ingredients...

photo of martin lockley
Lockley on latest dino track discovery

April 23, 2019

New research published in Scientific Reports is “the first report for any dinosaur of skin traces that cover entire footprints, and every footprint in a trackway,” according to the authors of the new paper. The little dino walked across a thin layer of fine mud that was similar to “a...

photo of gregory simon
Simon on future fire planning

April 9, 2019

“Our concern should be elevated,” said Geography and Environmental Sciences Associate Professor Gregory Simon, who studies fire response plans. “Communities have encroached upon areas that were already susceptible to fires, but now they are happening more frequently and with more intensity.” With Firestorms on the Rise, How Safe is Griffith...