photo of jennifer reich
Reich on NPR

May 7, 2019

The U.S. went from measles-free in 2000 to the largest outbreak in 25 years. NPR's David Greene talks to Sociology Professor Jennifer Reich, author of Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines . Why Aren't Parents Getting Their Children Vaccinated? NPR , April 29

photo of patrick krueger
Krueger on education link to health and wealth

May 7, 2019

“ We often think about health insurance access or medical procedures, like mammography or colonoscopy, as the most important drivers of health," said study co-author Patrick Krueger, Associate professor in the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences. "But education could be a more substantial contributor to longevity than medical care...

photo of jamie hodgkins
Hodgkins publishes on the shifting status of cultural symbols

May 7, 2019

Jamie Hodgkins, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, writes: “In November 2016, a swastika was painted on an elementary school in my Denver, Colorado, neighborhood of Stapleton. As an archaeologist who specializes in identifying the remains of animals hunted by early humans, my work doesn’t often involve symbols. But after this event,...