photo of Amy Wacholtz
The role of genetic and social factors in alcoholism, according to Amy Wachholtz

Aug. 13, 2019

Genetics make people more prone to alcohol addiction, but psycho-social factors — including life stressors, childhood abuse, early exposure to alcohol, anxiety and social acceptance — also play a role, says Amy Wachholtz, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Clinical Health Psychology Ph.D. program. A person’s genetics might...

photo of Andrew Scahill
Andrew Scahill on hyper-masculinity in horror

Aug. 13, 2019

According to Assistant Professor of English Andrew Scahill, who specializes in film studies, you’d be hard-pressed to think of one example of a male survivor in a horror film who isn’t hyper-masculine. He says, “It goes hand-in-hand with it being okay for a girl to be a tomboy, because of...

photo of John Tinnell
John Tinnell on scooter use of public spaces

July 23, 2019

John Tinnell, Associate Professor of English and Director of Digital Initiatives, says the benefits of public rental e-scooters are obvious, but the drawbacks require a bit more investigation and big-picture thinking. Op-Ed: Are scooters a Trojan Horse for big tech to colonize our public spaces? LA Times ,...