photo of Amy Hasinoff
Amy Hasinoff looks at how child pornography laws are applied to sexting

Sept. 10, 2019

“There is a lot of strong anecdotal evidence that child pornography laws work the same way all of our other laws do, which is they’re disproportionately applied to people of color,” said Amy Hasinoff, Associate Professor of Communication. “They’re disproportionately applied to kids in foster care, because they’re under more...

photo of Rudi Hartmann
Rudi Hartmann addresses the ski industry on climate change

Sept. 10, 2019

Moderator Rudi Hartmann, Clinical Professor (C/T) in Geography and Environmental Sciences, will review ski resorts’ response to the parched seasons of 1976-77 and 1980-81. Through the Lens presentations feature notable scientists, athletes, and historians as they share stories and experiences that have helped shape Colorado’s rich snow sports heritage...

photo of Andrew Friedson
Gas prices town-to-town rely on the supply chain, according to Andrew Friedson

Sept. 10, 2019

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics, said that if Durango has greater demand for gasoline and the supply chain is the same in both towns, Durango should have higher gas prices. Friedson suspects supply differences explain why Durango sees lower gas prices. “If you only have two companies competing in...