photo of brian buma

Brian Buma Ventures to the World’s Southernmost Tree

July 22, 2020

“This is it,” says Brian Buma, Integrative Biology Assistant Professor. He’s draped head to toe in orange and black rain gear. Straddling hummocks, he re-checks his compass and mutters “cool.” Few things in the natural world can be identified as the true end, the last of a kind, the edge,...

photo of michael berry

Michael Berry Weighs in on the Colorado Senate Race

July 22, 2020

"Regardless of who wins the Democratic primary this week, I would totally expect the Democratic nominee to be a strong favorite against Gardner," said Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. "It's difficult to see a scenario where Gardner is able to overcome the unpopularity of Donald Trump in Colorado...

photo of amy wacholtz

Amy Wachholtz Offers New Research into Spiritual Meditation

June 18, 2020

Some scientists who study prayer believe that people who pray benefit from a feeling of emotional support. Imagine carrying a backpack hour after hour. It will start to feel impossibly heavy. But if you can hand it off to someone else to hold for a while, it will feel lighter...

photo of brenden beck

Op-eds from Brenden Beck on Defunding Police Departments

June 18, 2020

"What can Denver’s recent history of police spending and crime reveal about our current moment and where to go next? I looked at budget information , crime data and recent academic research to find out," writes Brenden Beck, Assistant Professor of Sociology. Op-Ed: Why Now Is the Time to Reduce...

photo of jimi adams

jimi adams on Colorado COVID-19 Research Team Analyzing Stay-at-Home Data

June 18, 2020

People in Colorado did not stray far from home during the governor’s stay-at-home order, according to cellphone mobility data analyzed by a group of COVID-19 modeling researchers that includes Health and Behavioral Science Associate Professor jimi adams. “We aren’t trying to predict the future, what we’re trying to do is...

photo of sarah horton

Sarah Horton on COVID-19 Response Issues for Undocumented Populations

May 14, 2020

Sarah Horton, Associate Professor of Anthropology, weighs in on why public officials must open state and county emergency rental assistance funds to all residents, regardless of legal status. Guest Post: Provide Colorado's immigrant families rental relief Colorado Independent , May 1 She also writes that the federal stimulus payment program...

photo of Mitch Handelsman

Relationship Advice for Boundaries with Your Therapist from Mitch Handelsman

May 14, 2020

According to Psychology Professor Mitch Handelsman, sometimes clients ascribe power to the therapist that they shouldn’t. “It’s important for clients to understand what proper boundaries look like in therapy,” he said. “Just like in any professional relationship, the more you know in advance, the more you will get out of...

photo of ernest bofey-rameirez

Ernest Boffy-Ramirez on Graduating During a Recession

May 14, 2020

Ernest Boffy-Ramirez, Assistant Professor CT of Economics, discussed the importance of job mobility for graduates entering the labor market during a recession and says, "If you graduate during a recession and start at a lower earnings trajectory, one of the only ways for you to make up lost ground is...

photo of ronica rooks

Ronica Rooks on the Catch-22 of Physical Distancing for Older Adults

April 30, 2020

Ronica Rooks, Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences, is concerned that easing off on stay-at-home orders will make people less vigilant about, for example, wearing protective gear while interacting with older adults. She said older people should continue to practice social distancing for their physical health...

photo of Jennifer Reich

Anti-vaxxers May Reject COVID-19 Vaccination According to Jennifer Reich

April 30, 2020

Protests against social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines in states across the country have become fertile ground for anti-vaccine activists, foreshadowing future showdowns over government-led efforts to help bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the rhetoric at the reopening rallies mirrors the language of anti-vaccine activists, according to...