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  •  Degrees Offered: B.A., Minor, M.A., Graduate Certificate

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English majors learn to synthesize information and to present their ideas and opinions skillfully. They find employment in fields where the sophisticated use of language is necessary for advancement. Many graduates go on to postgraduate study, not only in writing, film studies and literature, but in medicine, law, education, journalism and business. The English Department provides undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, minors, and certificates in a variety of areas, including creative writing and film studies.

The department offers four different options for undergraduate majors and minors, as well as secondary education teaching licensure. The creative writing option is designed to develop a student's ability to read literature responsibly and imaginatively, to foster an understanding and appreciation of our literary inheritance, and to provide the historical perspective from which to evaluate contemporary writing and to produce it. The film studies option within the English major is designed to prepare students for a range of professional careers in areas such as film criticism, video production, and the teaching of film, as well as graduate programs in film studies. The literature option offers a collaborative learning experience through the reading and discussion of ground-breaking books. Seminars focus on the meaning of these works for past readers and the experience of reading together in our own contemporary moment. Courses in the writing, rhetoric and technology option can be taken fully online or fully on-campus. Most students in this program, however, end up taking a mix of online and on-campus courses. The English studies graduate program provides a strong foundation in primary knowledge areas, including history of the English language, the major genres and the theory of genre, approaches to literacy, and the impact of technology on reading and writing. Additionally, the department offers three graduate certificates to fulfill the increasing needs of educators seeking to deepen and broaden their content specialization.