On-Campus and/or Online

You can take the English Writing, Rhetoric & Technology Major fully online or fully on-campus. Most of our students, however, end up taking a mix of online and on-campus courses in order to juggle changing work schedules and busy lives. You can decide what’s best for you.

A Basic Overview

The English Writing, Rhetoric & Technology Major asks students to take one of two introductory courses, a multimedia course (two course options), a language theory/sociolinguistics course (three course options), and two advanced topics courses (with a range of options). The remainder of the degree is seven courses chosen from a long list, which can include two courses outside the English Writing, Rhetoric & Technology focus (such as creative writing workshops, film courses, or courses in related majors). For all the details, please review the advising sheets for the English Writing, Rhetoric & Technology Major.

Program Learning Goals

English Writing Major Requirements

*Note: These requirements will take effect at the start of Fall 2021. Majors are welcome to remain in the plan that they are currently following, or to shift to the new program plan once the Fall 2021 semester begins.

General Requirements: Students majoring in English Writing, Rhetoric & Technology Major (EWRT) must complete 36 hours in EWRT. Twenty-seven hours must be earned in upper-division courses. Courses completed with a grade of C- (1.7) or better will be counted toward the major; none of the 36 hours may be taken pass/fail. A minimum of 15 upper-division hours of work in the EWRT major must be taken with the CU Denver English faculty. Core composition courses (English 1020 and 2030) do not count toward the EWRT major, nor does CLEP or AP credit. Students may not count more than 56 hours in the English department toward graduation; double majors in EWRT and ENGL are exempt (and are required to complete 63 hours). The English Department also offers a minor in Literature, Writing, Creative Writing and Film Studies.  Courses counted in a minor cannot be counted toward the major. 

Honors Program: Latin honors may be earned by working individually with an EWRT professor. Speak to a professor or see handouts regarding honors in the English Department (1015 9th Street Park). 

Internships:  Internships are also available to students who have completed over 60 credit hours; for information, contact The Experiential Learning Center at 303-315-7258 in the Tivoli, Suite 260.  Internships count as upper-division electives.


I. Required Course Areas (five courses in four emphases) 15 hours:

A. Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric (take ONE as you begin the major)

  • ENGL 2060: Introduction to Writing and Digital Studies
  • ENGL 2070: Grammar, Rhetoric and Style

B. Multimedia (take ONE):

  • ENGL 3084: Multimedia Composition
  • ENGL 4701: Multimedia in the Community

C. Language Study (take ONE):

  • ENGL 3160: Language Theory
  • ENGL 4601: Principles & Practices of Second Language Acquisition (by instructor's permission)
  • ENGL 4651: Second Language Writing (by instructor's permission)

D. Advanced Writing Experience (take TWO, must be with different topics)

  • ENGL 4190: Advanced Topics in Writing and Digital Studies
  • ENGL 4190: Advanced Topics in Writing and Digital Studies

II. Elective Courses in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology (seven courses) 21 hours:

**A course does not count here and in the Required Course Areas above.

  •  ENGL2060: Intro to Writing and Digital Studies 
  • ENGL2070: Grammar, Rhetoric and Style 
  • ENGL3084: Multimedia Composition 
  • ENGL3154: Technical Writing 
  • ENGL3160: Language Theory 
  • ENGL3170: Business Writing 
  • ENGL3405: Special Topics in Writing   
  • ENGL3416: Magazine Writing 
  • ENGL3939: Internship 
  • ENGL4175: Writing in the Sciences 
  • ENGL4177: Technical Editing 
  • ENGL4180: Argumentation and Logic 
  • ENGL4190: Advanced Topics in Writing and Digital Studies
    Topic title: ___________________________ 
  • ENGL 4280: Proposal and Grant Writing 
  • ENGL 4601: Principles & Practices of Second Language Acquisition (by permission) 
  • ENGL 4651: Second Language Writing (by permission) 
  • ENGL 4701: Multimedia in the Community 
  • ENGL 4740: Honors in Writing 
  • ENGL 4995: Senior Writing Project 

Optional: Up to two 3000- or 4000-level courses in the English Department (EWRT, creative writing, film, or literature), or in other departments with prior approval from an advisor, may be counted toward the major.

TOTAL: 36 hours