Waiting for a Decision

Congratulations on getting a proposal submitted. No matter the length of the proposal narrative or the size of the budget, submitting a proposal for funding is a considerable amount of work. However, your work is not done! The time between the submission of your proposal and the decision by the awarding agency is a great time to not only relax but also to get many things in order in preparation for the award. It takes any where from three months to a year for an award to be made (the average time is about 7 months). Usually about three-months into the process you can check to see if your award is 'on the road' to award or not. At this stage, it is a good idea to do the following.

  • If you have not completed the required training for Principal Investigators offered by the Office of Grants and Contracts this is the time to finish it. If you do not have this completed by the time of award, it will hold up your project.
  • Update your Financial Conflict of Interest information. Due to new Public Health Service Agency guidelines, it is important that you keep this updated. Please see the Office of Grants and Contracts Conflict of Interest site for more information.
  • If you will have Human Subjects, Animal Subjects or Biosafety issues it is a great time to start the necessary paperwork for those approvals. See the tab below for information about who to contact, if there is training to be completed, and how to get these approvals started.
  • If you have collaborators on the project (either internal to CU Denver or external) this is a good time to review the project with them.
    • Discuss the needs for the project should it be funded.
      • Does the budget that was submitted reflect current salaries?
      • Has the work on this project been on-going and does the timetable of activities need to be updated?
    • For NSF and NIH, it is a good idea to start everyone on updating their current and pending projects list.
    • Do we have good contact information so we can either receive or issue a subcontract if necessary?
    • If your collaborator has committed resources to the project – are those resources still available?
  • If you requested to be able to purchase equipment, it is a good idea to obtain an updated quote.
  • If you needed an Indirect Cost Waiver (or will need), please contact the CLAS Grants Development Coordinator (CLAS GDC) as soon as possible so this can be completed prior to your award being finalized.

The tabs below provide further information on responding to requests for further information, regulatory compliance assurance approvals, preparing for the award to arrive, and resubmission.