Successful Closeout of Your Award

Now that you are nearing the end of your sponsored project, it is time to start the process of closing out this project. This step is a critical piece in the life cycle of a grant, as any unresolved issues from this stage will prevent some sponsors from being able to fund future grants. Preparation for closeout should begin at least three months prior to the end date of your grant. This time will allow you to:

  • Request a no-cost extension if necessary,
  • Accurately forecast expenses,
  • Adjust any entries,
  • Prepare final report of activities,
  • Work with any subcontractors to make sure their expenses and effort are recorded and invoiced from their institution(s) to CU Denver,
  • Make sure that all expenses are recorded in a timely fashion to complete final invoicing and request sponsor payment,
  • Work with your collaborators to gather final data to complete the final report that is due to the sponsor, and
  • Work with any employees you have hired for the project to terminate their position(s) as necessary.

The information in this section will assist you with understanding all that is involved in closing out a project as well as provide you with the resources to successfully end the project.