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The processes of applying for and managing grant or contract awards can be a complex web with all the requirements for conducting the research, costing, accounting, and documenting appropriateness of charges. In order to be compliant with Federal and State grant/contract requirements CU Denver and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have implemented policies and procedures to help PIs and the institution meet all requirements.

Principal Investigators, those who are paid by grant funds, and those who assist with the management of sponsored projects need to understand the policies and procedures so that what is proposed can actually be implemented when it is funded.

The applicable policies and procedures are listed below as a resource to those involved in grants/contracts funded projects. They are laid out in by the Grant Life Cycle categories and within each category listed by order of precedence – beginning with System policies and procedures and ending with College level policies and procedures.

Please note that due to the diversity of projects proposed for funding, it is not possible to list every policy or procedure that may apply. It is the PI's responsibility to seek out guidance on relevant policies and procedures that may apply to their proposals prior to submission. Also, some policies and procedures apply in more than one area. Each policy is only listed one time and under the first area it applies. As always the CLAS ORCA team is here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns!