How Will a Project be Judged?


60% of Total Score

A. Historical Perspective
Did students:
  • Place their topic in historical perspective?
  • Examine the significance of the topic in history?
  • Show development and change over time?
B. Analysis and Interpretation of Topic
Did students explain:
  • Why the event happened? 
  • What factors contributed to its development? 
  • What was the impact or lasting influence of this event on history? 
  • How did this topic change the course of events? 
  • What effect did the topic have on a community, society, nation, and/or the world?
C. investigation
  • What primary and secondary resources did students use?
  • Did students use a wide range of credible sources?
**Note that superior entries will include original research.



Relationship to Theme

20% of Total Score

Students may address any aspect of the theme. However, the entry must clearly explain the relation of the topic to the annual History Day theme​. The topic should be placed in historical context, and the entry must demonstrate the students' understanding of the significance of the topic in history. The relationship of the entry's topic to the annual theme should be explicit and should be integrated into the entry itself.

Clarity of Presentation

20% of Total Score

Although historical quality is most important, the entry must be presented effectively.
The entry must:
  • Have written material that is original clear, appropriate, and organized
  • Have visual impact

Rules Compliance

Judges will take infractions of the rules into consideration in determining their final rankings. Failing to comply with the rules will count against your entry. You should correct any rule infractions before competing in the next level of competition.

Students can be DISQUALIFIED for the following offenses:
  • Plagiarism
  • Reusing a project
  • Tampering with another student's project