It's a bird... it's a plane... it the History Heroes!


This year, NHDC is featuring History Heroes connected to Colorado that broke barriers. Be sure and watch our newsletter, website, and facebook page for new History Heroes--these individuals, organizations, places, and events are great possibilites for project topics!

We will also be releasing a History Hero of the month every third Wednesday.

In January, we will release a survey when students can vote on their favorite History Heroes. The winning heroes will be featured on this year's annual button and t-shirt. Students who vote will receive a History Heroes sticker pack.

Stay tuned!


Theme Poster History Heroes

Don Felipe Baca (1829-74)

Baca broke barriers as one of the first settlers of the Purgatoire River Valley in Baca County, Colorado.


Owl Woman (1810-47)

Also known as Mistanta, she broke barriers by spearheading and maintaining good realtions between settlers and Plains Indians.

Bob Sakata (1926-Present)

Sakata, a Japanese American,  broke barriers by establishing himself as one of the nation's most respected produce farmers, after spending WWII in an internment camp in Utah.

Temple Grandin (1947-Present)

Grandin broke barriers as a poineer in the study of animal behavior. She was also one for the first people to share her insights as an individual on the autism spectrum.

Nathan C. Meeker (1817-79)

Meeker broke barriers by establishing the Union Colony, an agricultural cooperative in present-day Greeley. He also championed suffrage in Colorado.

Pam Grier (1949-Present)

Born and educated in Colorad, Grier broke barriers by becoming one of the first African American women to star in an action film.

Minnie Reynolds Scalabrino (1865-1936)

Scalabrino broke barriers as a female journalist and devoted her life to the fight for suffrage.

Justina Ford (1871-1952)

Ford broke barriers as Denver's first licensed African American doctor.

History Heroes of the Month

August: National Western Stock Show

The first National Western Stock Show was held in 1898 to attract tourism dollars to Colorado after the Panic of 1893.

Weekly History Heroes

Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison became famous after the first ever Stegosaurus fossils, as well as dinosaur tracks, were uncovered in 1877.

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens was founded as a zoological garden, amusement park, and theater in 1890 by John Elitch and his wife, Mary Elitch. When it opened it became the first zoo west of Chicago, and the first amusement park to introduce "kiddie rides."