The MS in Environmental Sciences is a 39-credit hour program that provides students with two alternate plans: Plan 1 requires a thesis, while Plan 2 is a non-thesis program. General requirements for the program include a set of core courses (12 semester hours) and elective courses (24-27 semester hours minimum).

Students choosing to complete the thesis option must also complete 3 hours of thesis credit, while those choosing the non-thesis option must complete 3 hours of additional elective coursework. The degree is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with the cooperation of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. In addition, some courses offered by the College of Architecture and Planning, the School of Public Affairs, and the Business School are relevant and applicable to the program. ​

Graduate School Requirements for Graduation

There are graduate school deadlines for each of the following requirements. The CLAS schedule of deadlines for the current semester can be downloaded here or picked up at the CLAS Dean's Office.

Note: The University of Colorado Denver places a seven year limit on all work to be applied toward the MS degree. If you exceed this limit under extenuated circumstances, please see the Director of Graduate Studies.​​​