The Geography and Environmental Sciences Department offers several non-degree certificates for both graduates and undergraduates. 

Environmental Science Education​ (12 hours)

The Environmental Science Education graduate certificate is intended to leverage disciplinary scholarship in environmental science as well as education, and to capitalize on a growing demand for pedagogical content knowledge that translates into and supports careers. The careful integration of courses from various departments fosters collaboration by broadening opportunities for research and teaching activities related to environmental science education.

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Applications (FOSS4G) (12 hours)

The FOSS4G Certificate is designed for CU Denver students from multiple disciplines and geospatial working professionals. It provides the knowledge and skills for the effective use and development of FOSS4G solutions in diverse application contexts. Graduates from the certificate will be able to design and develop FOSS4G exclusive or hybrid (using FOSS4G and proprietary

software) geospatial information infrastructures and applications capable of better addressing specific socioeconomic, technological, institutional, and financial contexts where GISc&T is used to support planning and decision making.

Geographic Information Science (GISci) Certificate​ (18 hours)

The focus of this certificate is on a broad array of geotechniques, including geographic information systems, remote sensing, cartography, and statistics​.

Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate (12 hours)

The goal of this certificate is to provide students advanced training in sustainable urban agriculture through the integration of classroom study and field-based practicum conducted at the department’s field research station.