Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate

12 credit hours | ​Advisor: Kirsten Christensen

The goal of the certificate program is to provide GES students advanced training in sustainable urban agriculture through the integration of university classroom study (mostly online courses) and field-based practicum conducted at the department’s field research station.  

  • Only 4 courses at undergrad level
  • Courses can be used for degree AND certificate
  • Can be finished almost completely online.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will:

  • ​Have knowledge of the history of urban farming
  • Understand the modern agro-food system
  • Participate in sustainable urban agricultural practices


Required: (2 courses)

  • GEOG 4450: Urban Food and Agriculture: Perspectives and Research | Online Spring Course

  • GEOG 4460: Sustainable Urban Agriculture Field Study I | Online Fall Course

Electives (2 courses)

  • GEOG 4470: Sustainable Urban Agriculture Field Study II (Maymester): agricultural data collection and drones

  • GEOG 4060: Remote Sensing I

  • GEOG 4085: GIS Applications for the Urban Environment

  • GEOG 4335: Contemporary Environmental Issues

  • GEOG 4640: Urban Geography

  • GEOG 4680: Urban Sustainability: Perspectives and Practice

  • An internship OR independent study approved by Certificate Coordinator, in agriculture, food topics, business, or non-profit. 

Learning Outcomes (Undergraduate):

Upon successful completion of a Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate, students will:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of the historical, geographical, and human-environmental issues driving agriculture and urban farming
  2. be able to explain the global and local economic factors that drive modern agricultural food systems
  3. participate in field observation and research of sustainable agricultural and related land management practices
  4. apply knowledge about sustainable urban agriculture to other realms of study