This program is designed for students who are interested in the study of English literature but who have elected to major in another area. The recommended series of courses allows students to become acquainted with some of the methods of literary study and with a number of the most important literary works. The literature minor allows students to complement their area of major study with systematic experience in literature.

General Requirements

Students minoring in literature must complete a total of 15 credit hours (excluding ENGL 1010, 1020 and 2030). None of the required 15 hours may be taken pass/fail. Only courses completed with a grade of C- (1.7) or better may be counted toward the minor. A minimum of nine upper-division hours of work in the minor must be taken with Downtown Denver Campus English faculty. Course requirements may not be met by independent study. Course Requirements (15 credit hours total) 

I. Required Courses: (6 credit hours)

  • ENGL 2450 Introduction to Literature 
  • ENGL any level, Literature/Film course (includes 1601, 2600)
II. Area Requirements: (9 credit hours)
     Choose three courses.
  • ENGL 3000/4000 Literature/Film courses

​Students are encouraged to cluster their courses around a special interest, such as:

  • Major Authors
    • Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, Cather, Nobel Authors, etc. 
  • Genre
    • Any Drama, Speculative Fiction, Short Story, Young Adult Fiction, American or British Novel, American or History of English Poetry, Literature to Film, Memoir 
  • Self and Social Identity
    • Harlem Renaissance, Feminist Thought, Women Writers, African American Literature 
  • The Modern World through Literature
    • 20th Century Literature, Contemporary World Literature, Modernism, Major Authors—any 20th century, Modern Drama
  • History through Literature
    • Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic, Victorian, American Literature 
  • Modes of Narrative 
    • Storytelling
    • Poetics

15 Hours to Complete Minor