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Soumia Bardhan

Assistant Professor

Intercultural and International Communication; Intercultural Rhetoric; Islam/Religion, Politics, and Communication; New Media and the Middle East; Muslim Minority Identities and Discursive Practices; Intercultural Pedagogy and Curriculum Internationalization.


Hamilton Bean

Associate Professor • Director of International Studies Program • Director of Strategic Communication Certificate Program

Organizational discourse and security


Autumn Boyer

Lecturer • International College Beijing

Rhetoric, bioethics, rhetoric of health and medicine    

Yvette Bueno-Olson

Senior Instructor • Undergraduate Advisor

Family and health communication



Catalina M. de Onís

Assistant Professor

Rhetoric; Environmental and Energy Rhetorics; Latina/o/x Communication Studies; Rhetorical Field Methods


Patrick Shaou-Whea Dodge

Associate Professor Clinical Track • International College Beijing

Culture & Communication, Intercultural & Cross-Cultural Communication, U.S.-China Communication, Chinese Communication




Larry A. Erbert

Associate Professor • Director of Mediation Certificate Program

Organizational Communication (organizational change, teamwork, leadership), Environmental Communication Conflict, Mediation, and Negotiation/Bargaining



Mia Fischer

Assistant Professor

Critical media, queer, transgender, sports, and surveillance studies.


Sarah K. Fields


Sport and American culture; law and sport as well as injury in sport; exploring these areas through the lenses of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and other categories of social identities.


Stephen J. Hartnett

Professor • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Civic engagement, globalization, social justice, US-China relations, prisons


Amy Hasinoff

Associate Professor

New media, gender, sexuality


Megan Hurson

Instructor • COMM Internship Director

Strategic communication, public relations



Lisa B. Keranen

Department Chair • Associate Professor

Rhetoric; Rhetoric of health and medicine; Qualitative health communication; Biopolitics; Chinese public memory


Xiyuan Liu

Instructor • International College Beijing

Cultural studies of network discourse, Qualitative health communication; feminist approach to communicative action.




Tamara Powell

Assistant Professor Clinical Track

Health and organizational communication; collaboration in healthcare teams; medical education for health equity; patient/family education; community partnerships; experiential and service learning; cultural-historical activity theory; qualitative research methods



Jenna Reno

Communication and Dissemination Scientist with D2V and a Research Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine

Health communication; health campaigns; social media, dissemination and implementation science; healthcare services research; HPV vaccine promotion    

e.j. Yoder

Senior Instructor • Undergraduate Advisor

International, Intercultural, Global Communication Food Studies