Lisa B, Keranen
Department Chair - on Sabbatical in Spring 2021 • Associate Professor
Department of Communication

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Denver, CO 80217-3364

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Spring 2021 - on Sabbatical - contact Hamilton Bean, Interim Chair


PhD, Communication/Rhetoric of Science, University of Pittsburgh
MA, Bioethics, University of Pittsburgh
MA, Communication Studies, University of Maine

Dr. Lisa Keränen studies and teaches rhetorical theory and criticism with an emphasis on the rhetoric of medicine, health care and bioethics. She has received numerous awards for her research, teaching and service. Most recently, she received the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Western States Communication Association. Her book, Scientific Characters: Rhetoric, Politics, and Trust in Breast Cancer Research, received the 2011 Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Public Address from the National Communication Association (NCA). Dr. Keranen's publications appear in journals such as Academic Medicine, Journal of Medical Humanities, Western Journal of Communication, and Quarterly Journal of Speech, and in edited books on the rhetoric of health and medicine. Dr. Keranen is past President of the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technolody (ARST) and is a past Director of the National Communication Association Forum (NCA-F). She currently serves as Chair of the Department of Communication at CU Denver and serves on five editorial boards in her area of expertise.

Books and Special Journal Issues

Hartnett, Stephen John, Lisa Keränen, and Donovan Conley, eds. 2017. Imagining China: Rhetorics of Nationalism in an Age of Globalization (East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press).

Keränen, Lisa, ed. 2014. Medicine, Health, and Publics. Special issue of the Journal of Medical Humanities 35: 103-239. DOI 10.1007/s10912-014-9275-7.

Keränen, Lisa, ed. 2013. Inventing the Future: The Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Special issue of POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention 9.1: 1-149. Includes 17 commissioned essays by North America’s leading rhetoric of science and medicine scholars. 

Keränen, Lisa. 2010. Scientific Characters: Rhetoric, Politics, and Trust in Breast Cancer Research (Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press). Recipient of the 2011 Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Public Address from the Public Address Division of the National Communication Association. Reviewed in:Rhetoric & Public Affairs (2013), Rhetoric Society Quarterly (2012), New York Journal of Books (2010)

Selected Journal Articles, Essays, and Book Chapters

Keränen, Lisa. 2015. Biopolitics, Contagion, and Digital Health Narratives: Pathways for the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine. Communication Quarterly 65:5: 504-509.

Keränen, Lisa, Patrick Dodge, and Donovan Conley. 2015. Modernizing Traditions on the Roof of the World: Displaying "Liberation" and "Occupation" in Three Tibet Museums. Journal of Curatorial Studies 4.1:78-106. DOI: 10.1386/jcs.4.1.78_1. 

Keränen, Lisa. 2014. Public Engagements with Health and Medicine: Guest Editor’s Introduction and Discussion Guide, Journal of Medical Humanities 35.2: 103-109. DOI 10.1007/s10912-014-9275-7. 

Keränen, Lisa. 2014. "This Weird, Incurable Disease": Competing Diagnoses in the Rhetoric of Morgellons. Health Humanities Reader, edited by Therese Jones, Lester Friedman, and Delease Wear (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press): 36-49.

Keränen, Lisa. 2013. Technologies of Self at the End of Life: Pastoral Power and the Rhetoric of Advance Care Planning. The Language of our Biotechnological Future, edited by Michael Hyde and James Herrick (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press): 193-218. Invited. Recipient of the 2013 Best Edited Book Award from the Communication Ethics Division of the National Communication Association.

J. Blake Scott, Judy Z. Segal, and Lisa Keränen. 2013. Rhetorics of Health and Medicine: Inventional Possibilities for Scholarship and Engaged Practice. POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention 9.1: Article 17, 1-6. All authors contributed equally to this essay.

Keränen, Lisa. 2011. Concocting Viral Apocalypse: Catastrophic Risk and the Production of Bio(in)security. Western Journal of Communication 75.5: 451-472. Lead essay.

Keränen, Lisa. 2011. Addressing the Epidemic of Epidemics: Germs, Security, and a Call for Biocriticism (9,000 word invited review essay). Quarterly Journal of Speech 97.2: 224-244. (Invited review essays reflect the journal editor’s recognition of the author’s expertise on a given subject matter.)

Bean, Hamilton, Lisa Keränen, and Margaret Durfy. 2011. 'This is London': Cosmopolitan Nationalism and the Discourse of Resilience in the '7/7' Terrorist Attacks. Rhetoric and Public Affairs 14.3: 427-464.

Gruber, David, Jordan L. Jack, Lisa Keränen, John M. McKenzie, and Matthew B. Morris. 2011. Rhetoric and the Neurosciences: Engagement & Exploration. POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention 7.1, Article 11:1-13.

Keränen, Lisa, Jason Lesko, Alison Vogelaar, and Lisa Irvin. 2008. "Myth, Mask, Shield, and Sword": Dr. John H. Marburger III’s Rhetoric of Neutral Science for the Nation. Cultural Studies—Critical Methodologies 7: 159-186.

Keränen, Lisa. 2007. "'Cause Someday We All Die": Rhetoric, Agency, and the Case of the “Patient” Preferences Worksheet. Quarterly Journal of Speech 93: 179-211.

Keränen, Lisa. 2005. Mapping Misconduct: Demarcating Legitimate Science from 'Fraud' in the B-06 Lumpectomy Controversy. Argumentation and Advocacy 42: 94-113. 

Han, Paul K. J., Lisa B. Keränen, Dianne A. Lescisin, and Robert M. Arnold. 2005. The Palliative Care Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX): An Experience-Based Intervention for Teaching End-of-Life Communication Skills. Academic Medicine 80: 669-676.

COMM 1011: Fundamentals of Communication​
COMM 4550/5550: Rhetorics of Medicine and Health
COMM 4558/5558: Digital Health Narratives
COMM 4995: Narratives of the New China​ (in Beijing and Shanghai)
COMM 6013: Introduction to Graduate Work in Communication
COMM 6710: Rhetoric of Risk

Expertise Areas: Rhetoric; Rhetoric of health and medicine; Qualitative health communication; Biopolitics; Chinese public memory