picture of Xiyuan Liu
Instructor • International College Beijing
Department of Communication

Physical Location:
117 Qinghua Donglu, Mailbox 94
China Agricultural University, East Campus
International College Beijing, UCD Program
Haidian Qu, Beijing, 100083 P.R. China

Expertise Areas:
Cultural studies of network discourse, Qualitative health communication; feminist approach to communicative action.

Dr. Xiyuan Liu earned her doctoral degree in Communication at University of Illinois at Chicago in 2018. She teaches courses in strategic communication and advertising. Her areas of research include cultural studies of new media dynamics, online discourse, and digitally-mediated health studies. Looking at the new academic year at ICB, Xiyuan seeks every opportunity to connect students to the media and communication industry and guide them to become global citizens with the skill set to work, communicate, and socialize in increasingly networked societies.

PhD, Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago
MS, Journalism, Ohio University
BS, Journalism-Advertising, Ohio University