Woonghee Lee's Group Earned the NSF Award on 10/15/2020 
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The Trio McNair Program Highlights Tanja Kovacevic in 2020

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Dr. Xuhui Huang - Seminar announcement on Feb 23rd

Please join us on Friday February 23rd, to learn about Dr. Xuhui Huang's research program at 11 am (NC 1539)


National Institute of Health funded the research project of Professor Scott Reed in 2023: “Identifying Genetic Contributions to Adverse Drug Reactions.”


Associate Professor Marino Resendiz received a highly prestigious Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award of 2021. The Chemistry Department now has three recipients of this award (the other two are Professors Jefferson Knight and Hai Lin)!

Hai Emilie

National Science Foundation funded a joint research project of Professor Hai Lin and Assistant Professor Emilie Guidez in 2022: “Adaptive multi-layer simulations of NarK transport protein.”


National Institute of Health funded the research project of Professor Hai Lin in 2021: “Operation Mechanism of CLCF Fluoride/Proton Antiporter.”


According to Google Scholar, as Feb. 2024, Professor Haobin Wang, became the first current faculty member of the Chemistry Department who has been cited more than 11,000 times!


National Institute of Health funded the training project led by Professors Scott Reed and Doris Kimbrough in 2022: “Rocky Mountain Summer Research Education Experience.” 


National Institute of Health funded the research project of Associate Professor Liliya Vugmeyster in 2021: “Variant-specific dynamics of amyloid-b fibrils.” 


National Institute of Health funded the research project of Associate Professor Marino Resendiz in 2023: “Design of apatmers of RNA containing 8-oxo-7, 8-dihydroguanosine: Function and selection of aptamers with novel properties.”

Knight Kim

Dr. Knight and Dr. Kim at the campus recruitment event of spring 2024: Welcome to Chemistry! 



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