Chemistry Programs

  •  Degrees Offered: B.S., Minor, Undergraduate Certificate, M.S.

  • Contact: (303) 315-7650

  •  Website: Chemistry


Chemistry is the study of the properties and interactions of matter. The Chemistry Department offers two undergraduate degrees, a chemistry minor, an undergraduate biochemistry certificate, as well as an M.S. in chemistry with four specialty tracks. The department also offers a combined B.S./M.S. degree, which allows undergraduate students who have begun their research as undergraduates to complete up to 12 semester hours (with approval of the graduate dean) toward the 30 semester hours required for a Plan I M.S. degree in chemistry while they are still completing their B.S. degree. Studies in chemistry provide students with skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific communication, preparing them for careers in the health and natural sciences. The biochemistry B.S. strongly emphasizes connections between basic science and human health. The master's program in chemistry provides students the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct specialized research in chemistry and related disciplines. An M.S. in Chemistry at CU Denver prepares students to succeed in a competitive Ph.D. or health sciences program, and provides students with valuable experience required to secure a position in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, or other specialty industries.