Professional Skills Certificate

This certificate is designed for undergraduate students seeking to acquire and enhance diverse workplace skills that are highly valued by today’s employers. Students will learn to communicate effectively, write persuasively, and develop proficiency in digital and media literacy or data literacy. Providing a strong foundation in communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and analytical writing, this certificate will help students cultivate success in the workplace. 

The learning goals of this certificate are that students will be able to:

  • Communicate their ideas in a clear and organized manner.
  • Use their compositional and analytical skills in a chosen professional writing field.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in digital and media literacy or data literacy.
  • Devise problem-solving strategies with the skills developed through the certificate.

Choose one of the following COMMUNICATION courses:

COMM 2045 - Workplace Communication
COMM 2050 - Professional Presentations
COMM 4240 - Organizational Communication
COMM 4270 - Intercultural Communication
COMM 4255 - Negotiations and Bargaining

Choose one of the following WRITING courses:

COMM 3072 - Media Writing Skills
ENGL 3154 - Technical Writing
ENGL 3146 - Magazine Writing  
ENGL 3170 - Business Writing
ENGL 4280 - Proposal and Grant Writing

Choose two courses from one of the following groups:

COMM 2081 - New Media Production and Management
COMM 3660 – Social Media for Social Change
ETST 3272 – Global Media
HIST 3260 - Digital Studies and Strategies
INTE 2500 - Digital Media and Learning
MKTG 3300 – Social Media in Business

ECON 3811 – Statistics with Computer Applications
ECON 4030 – Data Analysis with SAS (prereq ECON 3811 or Math 2830)
HIST 4261 -  Data: A User Manual
IWKS 3200 – Data Science for Innovators
ISMG 2050 - Introduction to Business Problem Solving  
MATH 2830 - Introductory Statistics  
MATH 4830 – Applied Statistics (prereq MATH 2830)

For more information contact Marjorie Levine-Clark, Associate Dean for Diversity, Outreach, and Initiatives, at