2023 Golden Nugget Topic Ideas

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Colorado’s Governors: Elias M. Ammons​ 

part of a Colorado Virtual Libraray series

Ammons championed education, encouraged public highway construction (the first automobiles were licensed in Colorado during his term), called for updates to conflicting banking and insurance laws, and asked the federal government to cede public lands to the state to create a state parks system.

However, his tenure was tainted by the Ludlow Massacre.


Five Points, Denver

Beginning in the 1930s, Denver's Five Points established itself as a cultural center for black Americans from across the country. It boasted the Rossonian Hotel, where the likes of Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerland performed. Five Points became a new frontier for black culture, known as "the Harlem of the West." 

For more information, visit Colorado Virtual Library from Colorado Historic Newspapers.