MARC U-STAR participants will take a series of academic courses to fulfill the program requirements.  These courses are designed to support students as they learn more about becoming researchers and gain experience working in laboratories.  These courses include:

MARC 2000: Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Research

This course introduces students to research in the behavioral sciences or public health and prepares them for experiences in the laboratory by providing basic trainings in lab safety, the responsible conduct of research, and ethics.  Students are able to gain hands-on research experience through lab rotations.

PSYC 4090: Research Design and Development

This course focuses on helping students develop their research ideas to produce thesis proposals, grant applications, and more.  Students will develop their own research proposals and improve their professional writing skills.

PSYC 4680: Behavioral Sciences Research Seminar

This seminar helps students reflect on their academic and research experiences with other student researchers.  Students in this course will gain experience in the delivery of research presentations.  They will also get the opportunity to explore various research lab options by touring local laboratories, speaking with faculty members, and investigating prospective graduate programs.

PSYC 4780: Responsible Conduct of Research and Ethics

In this class, students will gain an understanding of ethical and policy issues that arise during the conduct of basic applied behavioral and public health research.