The MARC U-STAR program provides academic, experiential, and financial support, as well as mentorship and guidance, to help prepare participants to enter and complete a Ph.D. program in the behavioral or biomedical sciences. 

The MARC U-STAR Award is a distinguished scholarship which provides support for undergraduate students who are underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral sciences in order to improve their preparation for high-caliber graduate training at the Ph.D. level. Trainees must be honors-level students majoring in the biomedical or behavioral sciences with an expressed interest in pursuing postgraduate education leading to the Ph.D., M.D.-Ph.D., or other combined professional degree-Ph.D. after graduation. The MARC U-STAR award provides support to students for a consecutive 24-month period at the final 2 years of undergraduate training. This typically includes a summer research experience at a research-intensive institution outside the home institution.

MARC U-STAR scholars receive an award that pays for sixty percent of their CU Denver tuition, an academic year stipend, a summer stipend, money to support travel to academic conferences, and room and board for out-of-state summer research experiences. Students are expected to participate for two academic years including summers.

The MARC U-RISE program is a supplementary program which provides underclassmen with opportunities and scholarships to learn more about behavioral and biomedical research. This program will provide information about graduate school and PhDs, will take lab tours, and will assist students in finding hands-on research experiences.

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