GES/GIS Student Club: Every Day Geographical Experiences (EDGE)

EDGE aims to create an educational environment that provides opportunities for networking, field trips, community building, and leadership. The club provides networking opportunities within the disciplines of geography, environmental science, GIS, and other related careers in a variety of fields. Additionally, the club encourages continual networking among current students and alumni within the disciplines. Field trips provide exposure to a variety of geographic techniques and methods as well as team building and practical skills via hands-on activities. Community building and leadership includes enhancing awareness of the Geography/Environmental Science/GIS community at CU Denver and across the State. EDGE also works in conjunction with other like-minded clubs on the Auraria Campus, to further promote student activities and leadership opportunities.

All majors and anyone with an interest in geography, environmental science or GIS are welcome to participate in EDGE Club! 

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Faculty Advisors

Christy Briles, Assistant Professor, GES (

If you are interstested in learning more or joining the club's e-mail list, please e-mail any of the officers or the faculty advisors.

UCD Student Life Club Information

The Office of Student Life uses the Orgsync platform to coordinate all student clubs/groups on campus. EDGE maintains a list of members, disseminates information, and coordinates official activities on their own Orgsync page. To keep up to date on events being sponsored on the Auraria campus or to create a profile of your own, visit CU Denver’s Orgsync site.