​Undergraduate Geography Majors & Minors

The Geography department has a dedicated undergraduate advisor, Kris Christensen. She can assist you with any number of questions concerning the geography major options or minors and act as your guide to your academic progress.

Undergraduate Advisor

Kris Christensen
Office: NC 3622

Advising Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00pm-3:00pm 

Email: kirsten.christensen@ucdenver.edu

Assistant Undergraduate Advisor

Isaac Singer

Office Hours: TH 2:00pm-4:00pm



Advising for the university general education requirement, CLAS core requirements, as well as college and university policies and procedures, should be done with Student Advising Services.

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Important note for geospatial classes: Because of the time committment required for the technology-based classes, we do not recommend taking more than one geo-spatial technology class in the same semester and that you follow the proper sequence (please note the pre-reqs). It may be possible to take two, but you need to be aware of the additional time this will require.​

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