Ethnic Studies Major

The university doesoffer a bachelor's degree in ethnic studies, the major requires that students complete the 33 credit hours for graduation.

Given the multicultural nature of society and the increasing relations with different societies, many occupations seek individuals with background and expertise on ethnic relations and cultural issues. Graduates often enter such fields as teaching, research, government service, law and social services, as well as graduate schools for advanced degrees in various disciplines.

General Requirements

A student who wishes to majorin Ethnic Studies is required to complete 33 semester hours in Ethnic Studies with a grade of C or better. These hours are to be taken with UC Denver faculty (any exception needs to be approved by the Ethnic Studies advisor). At least nine of the required 18 hours must be in courses numbered 3000 or above. Courses are to be taken with UC Denver faculty (any exception needs to be approved by the Ethnic Studies advisor.) You must be a degree-seeking student. Cross-listed courses must be registered under ETST to get credit for a major.

Course Requirements- 33 Hours for the Major in Ethnic Studies:

Credit Hours




ETST 2000 Introduction of Ethnic Studies CU CORE


ETST 2155 African American History CU Core


ETST 3108  Chicano/a and Latino/a History


ETST 3297 Social History of Asian Americans


ETST 3396 History of American Indians


ETST Electives


ETST 4000  Research Methods in Ethnic Studies * Will be taught once a year in the Fall*


ETST 4960  Senior Seminar in Ethnic Studies *Senior seminar will be taught once a year in the Spring*

Questions? Contact the CLAS Advising Office to declare the major and begin the planning process. Current ethnic studies minors may also want to talk with Ethnic Studies Advisor Dennis Green about how their earned credits would translate into a major.