Kyle Crawford

Kyle Crawford
Senior Instructor • Director of Denver Writing Project

Mailing Address:
Department of English
Campus Box 175 
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Office Location:
1051 Ninth Street Park, Office 201
Denver, CO 80204

By Appointment

About Kyle Crawford:

Kyle is a teacher of writing. He is a father, and he has always been an athlete. In many ways, he is best defined by the people around him. He comes from a family of educators and writers. He spends time with his many incredible friends exploring Colorado’s wilderness by ski, raft, or foot. In his ski parka, you will find a Tom Robbins paperback and a string-cheese wrapper. His outward appearance is that of an aging preppie, having graduated from Cherry Creek High School, but Kyle is not a stereotype. He is a combination of many labels and categories. Blue is his favorite color; oranges are his favorite fruit. Go Broncos! He loves to play with gravity. He loves words, on the page, or as they come out of a person’s mouth. Kyle loves a good story, a good conversation, or a good laugh, but who doesn’t?

Courses Taught:

  • Core Composition I
  • Core Composition II