Ian Ying

Ian Ying
Associate Professor

Mailing Address:
Department of English
Campus Box 175 
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Office Location:
St. Cajetan's 103B
Denver, CO 80217

By appointment

About Dr. Ian Ying:

Dr. Ying publishes and teaches in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. He is the author of Investigating Reconstruction in a Second Language (Lincom Europa 2003).  His current research focuses on Relevance-based pragmatics and Second Language Acquisition. His research interests also include the interface between cognition and second language acquisition.



2010                Genre as Social Indexicality: A Cross-Cultural analysis of English and Chinese poems. Semiotica 177, 197-208.

2008                The linguistic, social and cultural dimensions of multicultural Festschriften. Arizona Papers in SLAT, 150-165.

2007                L2 Learners’ Interpretation of Operator-variable binding in VP-Ellipsis. In ZhaoHong Han (ed.), Understanding Second Language Process (pp. 148-159). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters        

2006                Relevance and L2 learners' interpretation of reflexive anaphora in VP-ellipsis: An exploration of the relationship between relevance theory and typological universals. Journal of Language Universal6, 159-194.

2005                Relevance and second language learners' interpretation of reflexive anaphora in VP-Ellipsis. Language Sciences, 27, 551-570.

2004                Relevance mapping: A study of L2 learners’ processing of ambiguous sentences in English. Second Language Research, 20, 232-255.

2001                The semiotic, social and cognitive dimensions of a Japanese festschrift. Semiotica, 137, 41-56.

2001                On the origins of contrastive rhetoric: A reply to Matsuda. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 11, 261-266.

2000                The origin of contrastive rhetoric revisited. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 10, 99-108.


Areas of Expertise:

Second Language Learning, Cross-Cultural Communication, Comparative Rhetoric


Courses Taught:

English 6220 Second Language Writing

English 5171 Language Theory

English 5601 Principles and Practices of Second Language Acquisition

English 5190 Intercultural Communication

English 3160 Language Theory

English 2070 Grammar, Rhetoric and Style