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Milo’s Brethren Coexisting with Recreation on Vail Pass is the Discussion at an Event Organized by Rudi Hartmann

Professor Emeritus CTT Geography and Environmental Sciences Rudi Hartmann helped organize a panel event at... Read more
photo of keith guzik

Keith Guzik OpEd Cautions against Wholesale Cancelation of Russian Culture

Associate Professor of Sociology Keith Guzik provides insight into the dangers of current reactions to... Read more
photo of andrew friedson

Insight into Skyrocketing Home Prices from Andrew Friedson

Andrew Friedson, Associate Professor of Economics, said a notable shortage of new homes coming on... Read more
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Alum Yesica Chavez Elected Chair of CPW Outdoor Equity Grant Board

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Colorado Outdoor Equity Grant Board has elected Yesica Chavez as Chair... Read more
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Education Overcoming Incarceration from Stephen Hartnett

Communication Professor Stephen Hartnett knows that education can transform lives. In this op-ed he highlights... Read more
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Amy Hasinoff OpEd Argues for an End to Late Penalties

After a semester without implementing them, Communication Associate Professor Amy A. Hasinoff has decided that... Read more
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Leaky Foundation Podcast Features Charles Musiba

May 11, 2022

Charles M. Musiba, Associate Professor of Anthropology, is featured on Episode 59 of the Leakey Foundation podcast, Origin Stories . In this episode, he talks about research published in Nature at the beginning of the year.

Sarah Field Awarded Prestigious National Academy of Kinesiology Fellowship

May 11, 2022

Communication Professor Sarah Fields was recently selected as a Fellow in the National Academy of Kinesiology (USA). Election into the Academy is a sign of the high esteem and respect your peers hold for your scholarship and leadership in the field. Congratulations on achieving one of the highest honors our...

Anthropology Alumni Publish on Ancient Ostrich Egg Finds

May 11, 2022

Anthropology alumni Robert J. Diehl and Hannah M. Keller, along with Associate Professor of Anthropology Jamie Hodgkins, recently published, “ Towards an interpretive framework for heated ostrich eggshell: An actualistic study ,” in the Journal of Archeological Science Reports . Ostrich eggshells have been uncovered in ancient archaeological sites dating...

Anthropology Students Receive Alice Hamilton Scholarship Funds

May 11, 2022

Lia Plankenhorn was awarded the Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund to travel to Italy with Dr. Jamie Hodgkins to conduct research on material excavated from the Arma Veirana Cave site. Alongside analysis of the faunal material from this modern human site, she will be viewing similar collections housed in regional museums...

Access to High Performance Computing Resources for Research

May 11, 2022

CLAS faculty and students are invited to use the NSF funded High Performance Computing cluster Alderaan. The cluster, funded by NSF grant 2019089 CC* Compute: Accelerating Science and Education by Campus and Grid Computing , already has users from several departments. Interested faculty can fill the form linked at this...