The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' Office of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) offers non credit workshops and events that are open to the public! Below is a list of upcoming programs:

Custom Program: Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

3 diverse people in the workplace Is your organization interested in arranging a diversity and inclusion training session that is custom-tailored to your needs?

A culture of inclusion creates a sense of belonging for everyone. Businesses that commit to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace increase performance, productivity, and employee/customer satisfaction. Inclusive work environments promote cultural understanding and open up opportunities for collaboration in our increasingly globally-focused world. Our workshops offers business leaders, managers, and staff the ability to bridge cultural gaps and promote an inclusive culture within the workplace.

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Custom Program: Professional Communication and Writing

Group of people collaborating Is your organization interested in arranging a communication and/or writing training session that is custom-tailored to your needs?

Successful enterprises require workers who communicate effectively, and can do so using a wide variety of communication technologies and platforms. The workshops that we offer help employees to develop the right messages for external audiences and the right strategies for improving cooperation and productivity internally. We recognize that basic skills in writing and speaking will always form the foundation for effective communication. But in an increasingly complex media environment, one of the greatest assets to any organization is a versatile workforce, able to adapt to new audiences and technologies.

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