Application & Enrollment Options

When you start a new application for the Univerisity of Colorado Denver, you may come accross several application types:

If you are interested in a degree program, you should select the option for undergraduate or graduate admissions accordingly. If you are not interested in a degree program or would prefer to "test the waters" with a course or two before submitting an application for a degree, we invite you to explore the enrollment options below!

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Are you interested in enrolling in a certificate program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences? Would you like to take one or two courses for credit without needing to apply for formal admission to a degree program? Do you need prerequisite courses for a health career program at CU Anschutz? Do you need graduate credit in the content area for which you are teaching? If so, then you should apply as non-degree seeking student! Many courses and certificate programs listed in the Academic Catalog are available to non-degree seeking students.

It's important to note that non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, most scholarships or tuition assistance. Your tuition rate will be based on your admission classification (undergraduate or graduate rate), regardless of the level of course(s) for which you register. You will be asked to pay a fee in order to submit an application and may also be asked to pay a tuition deposit (that is applied to your tuition bill) before you will be allowed to register for your first CU Denver course. Note that you are financially responsible for all courses you register for, even if you do not attend. See the Bursar Calendar for important financial deadlines/dates.

When you apply as a non-degree seeking student, you should select one of the following two options:

  1. Undergraduate Non-Degree Admissions - Select this option if you do not have a bachelor's degree. Completing this application will allow you enroll in several undergraduate level courses and certificate programs. The application will ask you to identify a program of interest. Be sure to select "Liberal Arts and Sciences" if you are interested in any of the programs within the College. 
  2. Graduate Non-Degree Admissions - Select this option if you have a bachelor's degree and be prepared to upload a copy of your undergraduate transcript in the application. Completing this application will allow you to enroll in both graduate and undergraduate level courses. The application will ask you to choose either "Certificate" or "Nondegree". If you have identified a specific certificate program that you are interested in pursuing, select the options accordingly. If you are pursuing individual courses, select "Nondegree" and "Denver Nondegree" to gain access to online and on campus courses offered through CU Denver. Be sure to select "Liberal Arts and Sciences" if you are interested in any of the programs within the College. 

If you are admitted as a non-degree student, but wish to change to degree seeking status, you must re-apply as a degree seeking student and complete the requisite application requirements. Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee admission into University of Colorado degree programs.

Non-Credit Programs

The Univeristy of Colorado Denver offers a vast array of non-credit programs including workshops, events, conferences, summer camps, webinars, professional development opportunities, speaker series, travel study, etc. Each of these programs may use a different registration process depending on the specific program. Some programs may only require a simple online form. Others may request that you submit the formal "Continuing and Professional Education" application form and enrollment through CU Denver's student portal. 

It's important to note that submitting CU Denver's "Continuing and Professional Education" application will only allow you to enroll in a limited number of courses that are specifically offered as "Extended Studies". For example, ESL Academy students are advised to submit the "Continuing and Professional Education" application since their non-credit courses are all classified as extended studies courses. Since the majority of CLAS courses are not classified as continuing and professional education or extended studies, students who are interested in having access to credit bearing course options are advised to apply as "non-degree seeking". Non-degree seeking students have access to both main campus courses and continuing and progessional education/extended studies course options.