Perspectives on Psychedelics

In 2024, an all BIPOC speakers series focused on psychedelics in Colorado is taking place in Denver. The events with eleven different presenters are free and in-person.

BIPOC refers to Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color.

Project Goals

  • Create a repository of free educational materials (videos, companion presentation guides/policy briefs) produced by BIPOC individuals who support genuine equity in psilocybin and other spiritual medicine rule implementation in Colorado
  • Increase solidarity among local psychedelic community members self-identified as BIPOC who advocate for spiritual medicine and social equity praxes

cartoon of hand reaching into soil

The project will include the creation of a repository of eleven educational webinars (about 1 hour each) featuring eleven citizen scientists and sacred plant medicine stewards who devote their labor to BIPOC-related issues pertaining to decriminalization and legalization of psychedelics in Colorado.

This project is designed to provide educational material and community input to psychedelic policy makers in Colorado and elsewhere, incluing Denver's Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel and its working groups, and the 15-member Natural Medicine Advisory Board created by the passage of the Natural Medicine Health Act (Proposition 122) in November 2022.

The series is part of the project called "Citizen Science and Community Education in Colorado’s Legal Psilocybin Sector: BIPOC Responses to Increase Policymakers’ Accountability." Funds provided by the Source Research Foundation Community Grant Program (2023-24).

Marty Otañez, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, CU Denver, is organizing the project in partnership with BIPOC Psychedelic.

Logo for organization called BIPOC Psychedelics

Presenters and Schedule

  • Daniel Castro-Kuthoomi, A Decolonial Overview on the Arising Use of Plant Medicine in the Western RealmAnt Life (venue), 7-8:30pm Wednesday 20 March
  • Ana Medina, A World Class Ethical DilemmaAnt Life (venue), 7-8:30pm Wednesday 17 April
  • David MartinezPerspectives of Being a Member of the Native American ChurchAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 15 May; visit the Eventbrite link to RSVP
  • Gabriela Galindo, Unearthing the Root Causes of Our Collective Struggles: Nurturing Intergenerational Healing of Land and PeopleAnt Life (venue), 7-8:30pm Wednesday  22 May; Visit the Eventbrite link to RSVP
  • Gary Perez, Rethinking the Interaction of Peyote and HumansAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 29 May; Visit the Eventbrite link to RSVP
  • Valeria Martinez, The Power of CeremonyAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 10 July; Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon
  • Benu Amun-Ra, Elders, Elder-care, Transitions and AccessAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 24 July; Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon
  • Jeff Campbell, Sharing Our Personal Journeys: Discovering Our Commonalities Beyond PsychedelicsAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 7 August; Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon
  • Andrea Valeski, A Heart Led Perspective in the Entheogen CommunityAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 21 August; Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon
  • Elijah Smith, Shift Culture: Mental Health in the Black Community and How to Integrate PsychedelicsAnt Life (venue), 7-830pm Wednesday 11 September (tentative); Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon
  • Melanie Rose RodgersA Path to Healing, Lessons Learned and Insights from almost a Decade in Cannabis and Psychedelic Activism in Denver, Colorado, Ant Life (venue) Reschuled to 7-8:30pm Wednesday 25 September; Eventbrite RSVP link coming soon

Each of the events will include a crowd-sourced one-page companion educational guide/policy brief based on input from presenters and audience members.