Preparing for Registration

Continuing students are able to register for classes through their registration portal located in UCDAccess. Each student has a designated enrollment date specifying the date and time registration opens for an upcoming semester. Enrollment dates are set using a priority system which is based on the number of credit hours earned. Before registration opens students should check their accounts for enrollment holds. Click here for a guide on advising steps related to registration.

  1. Go to your Student Center on the UCDAccess homepage
  2. Click on Academics 
  3. Click on Term Information and then Enrollment Dates
  4. Choose the upcoming semester and locate your enrollment date & time

  1. Go to your Student Center on the UCDAccess homepage
  2. Click on Tasks - Holds 
  3. If you have any holds on your account, click on the hold title
  4. Read the instructions for how to remove the hold(s) or reach out to the office responsible for the hold for assistance

  1. Sign into UCDAccess and click the menu icon (≡) 
  2. Click Registration & Records
  3. Click Register for Classes and select the semester you wish to enroll in
  4. Search for classes in the registration portal and add your preferred sections to the shopping cart
  5. Select the classes in your shopping cart, click Add Selected Classes, and then Finish Enrolling