Current Students

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences obtain world-class knowledge in specific disciplines with the comprehensive skills and dispositions that students need for success.  Whether you are a first-year student or a graduating senior, CLAS Advising is here to support your academic endeavors. 

CLAS Advising Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and understand CU Denver and CLAS academic policies, processes, and deadlines  

  • Describe and distinguish CU Denver Core, CLAS, major, and general graduation requirements  

  • Explain and engage with advising resources in CLAS and CU Denver

Students will be able to:  

  • Use advising and academic planning tools, including the Degree Audit Tools, to create academic plans and track degree progress   

  • Design educational plans that are timely and compatible with their personal, academic, and professional goals  

  • Meet semesterly and prepare effectively for appointments with their academic advisors, including CLAS, major, minor, and health professions advisors  

  • Assess their individual needs and utilize appropriate campus and community resources that promote strategies for success

Students will be able to:  

  • Embrace the University’s values grounded in a liberal arts education  

  • Articulate the relationship between their programs of study and their academic and professional goals  

  • Exercise agency in advocating for their individual needs   

  • Practice informed and purposeful decision-making, critical thinking, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills when making choices about their education   

  • Assess the impact of their behaviors on their academic success and progress