All College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) undergraduate students must complete the following steps to prepare for graduation.  Students who do not complete these steps may jeopardize their eligibility and timeline for graduation. 

In the semester before your final semester:

  • Check your degree audit to identify any degree requirements you have remaining to complete (that is, any requirements noted with a red box and an X). Your schedule and plans for your final semester should address all remaining degree requirements.
  • Draft the list of specific courses and credits you plan to register for in your final semester (if applicable).
  • Identify any pending item or alternative plans to address any outstanding degree requirements (e.g., submitting outstanding transcripts or planning to attempt credit by exam).

  • Connect with your CLAS Academic Advisor to complete a preliminary graduation check
  • Connect with your Major and Minor Advisors to confirm any requirements remaining for your major or minor (if applicable)
  • Connect with your advisors for any other programs (e.g., certificates, dual-degree in another school/college, etc.) to confirm any requirements remaining for additional programs (if applicable)
  • Identify a plan with your advisors to resolve any outstanding items. This may include:
    • submitting pending official transcripts or score reports
    • completing and transferring credit in your final semester
    • attempting exams for college credit in your final semester
    • resolving incomplete grades 

  • Register for all the classes you need to take in your final semester
  • Confirm plans and deadlines for resolving any outstanding items
  • Check your updated Degree Audit - after you have finalized your final semester schedule - to confirm all requirements are either completed or in-progress. That is, your Degree Audit should reflect all green boxes with checkmarks (completed) and/or blue boxes with ellipses (in-progress).
  • Follow-up with your academic advisor(s) if you see any red boxes with Xs on your Degree Audit, as this means that a requirement has not been fulfilled.


Before Census Date of your final semester:

  • Apply for graduation before Census Date of the semester in which you plan to graduate. Check the Academic Calendar for Census Date 
  • To apply for graduation:
    • Log in to your UCDAccess student portal and locate your "Student Center"
    • Select “Academics"
    • Select "Apply for graduation"
  • Note: students completing multiple degrees (e.g., a BA and BS) must apply for graduation for each program in UCDAccess.


During and after your final semester:

  • Continue to check your CU Denver email for any updates and information concerning graduation
  • Connect with your academic advisor(s) if your plans for graduation change
  • Follow up with your CLAS Academic Advisor regarding any outstanding items
  • Check your official transcript and diploma six to eight weeks after the end of the semester:
    • CLAS Academic Advising does not prepare or provide graduating students' with official transcripts or diplomas - this is completed by the Registrar's Office.
    • Diplomas include only type of degree awarded (i.e., Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) and your major(s).
    • Any major options, minors, or certificates completed will not be reflected on the diploma, but will be included on your official transcript.
    • Contact if you have any questions about your diploma.


Related graduation information:

  • Ask about Academic Honors 
    • Graduating students may be eligible for different types of academic honors. Eligibility and criteria are different based on specific honors. Students can review Academic Honors information in the catalog and can consult their CLAS Academic Advisor regarding College Honors or their major advisor regarding Departmental Honors.
  • Register for Commencement 
    • Applying for graduation in UCDAccess and registering to participate in Commencement are separate processes.  Students approved to graduate will receive communication from the Commencement Office regarding registration.  Information can also be found on the Commencement Office website.