The Individually Structured Major (ISM) allows students to be creative with their educational experiences. Students can choose from three different tracks that best suit their needs. Each track is designed for students to build majors that cross the boundaries of more than one academic area.

Track 1 - Interdisciplinary Studies Major

This flexible program allows students to follow academic pursuits that transcend traditional department or college boundaries, combining coursework from two, three, or even more academic units to explore a particular theme. Students who pursue Interdisciplinary Studies tend to have a focused interest they seek to investigate.

Track 2 - Integrated Studies Major

Integrated Studies provides a degree option that gives students the opportunity to construct a Bachelor of Arts by combining two course clusters from the same or different school/college. This track is designed to help students integrate previously completed coursework to design a novel major. It is especially helpful for students who have switched majors, colleges or institutions, and are looking for a meaningful way to complete their degree.

Track 3 - Integrated Health Studies Major

The Integrated Health Studies Track is designed for students who are interested in health from the perspective of the liberal arts and sciences and who seek interdisciplinary training focused around particular health topics.

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