Ethnic Studies Programs

  •  Degrees Offered: B.A., Minor, Undergraduate Certificate

  • Contact: (303) 315-7205

  •  Website: Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies program is designed to help students develop a breadth and depth of understanding of ethnicity and its significance in contemporary American society. In common with other liberal arts graduates, those with a degree in ethnic studies will be trained in creative and critical thinking, complex reasoning, and effective communication. In addition, ethnic studies graduates will have cultural competency skills that are highly valued by employers, especially those in sales and service areas. The ethnic studies minor focuses on the history, culture and contemporary situation of Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos and American Indians. The undergraduate certificate in cultural diversity studies is designed to appeal to undergraduate students with a background in any major. It will allow students to demonstrate to potential employers that they possess the multicultural skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the workplace.