BA in Sociology


The study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.



Sociology at the University of Colorado Denver helps you understand society – unraveling the complexities of human interactions, cultures, social structures, institutions, social change, and the dynamics that form our everyday lives.

Whether you’re attending classes on our diverse and bustling campus in downtown Denver or through one of our flexible online courses from the comfort of your own home, you’re going to gain impactful skills in both research and applied practice. With this degree, you get both the tools and the experience you need to address some of the world’s most urgent problems.  

A degree in sociology empowers you to address real-life issues, create positive change, and connect with those around you in meaningful ways. Learn to actively engage with and understand the unique social fabric of your selected community. The degree includes applied practice and a skill-based education meaning you will graduate with expertise in interview skills, content analysis, and a thorough knowledge of data interpretation—which are critical for future endeavors like goals and needs assessments.