Sociology is an academic discipline involving the study of social behavior, human groups, and social institutions. The Sociology Department at the University of Colorado Denver:

  • offers a multifaceted learning experience about how people and institutions shape our social world
  • conducts empirical and theoretical research to advance and expand knowledge in the field of sociology
  • participates in interdisciplinary research and education
  • brings theory and research to bear on social problems in communities where our students, faculty and staff live and work

A degree in sociology prepares students for careers in business, government, nonprofit organizations and research institutions, and for entry into PhD and professional programs. Sociologists are particularly well-represented in fields related to healthcare, criminal justice, education, and social welfare.

Dr. Jenny Vermilya was featured on Knowing Animals Podcast, Episode 181: Boundaries and Veterinary MedicineDr. Vermilya joined Siobhan O'Sullivan to discuss her new book, “Identity, Gender, and Tracking: the reality of boundaries for veterinary students.” Purdue University Press, 2022