Sociology is the study of social behavior, human groups, and social institutions, and it is from this focus of study that answers to the most pressing questions of our time emerge. Sociology equips all students with knowledge and tools they'll use throughout their personal and professional lives, regardless of the fields or professions in which they work. Sociology explores the reasons behind social conditions that other professions aim to address. Students pursuing degrees in other fields who take Sociology courses gain critical knowledge and tools that enhance their effectiveness in their chosen fields. Students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in Sociology acquire skills and knowledge that make them valued in other professions in addition to Sociology itself. People with Sociology degrees or backgrounds are particularly prominent in education, law, social services, health care, medicine, journalism, communication, media, market research, marketing, government, politics, policy, criminal justice, and research. A degree in Sociology is also outstanding preparation for entry into many Ph.D. and professional programs.

CU Denver is a vital place to study Sociology because the department:

  • offers a multifaceted learning experience about how people and institutions shape our social world
  • conducts empirical and theoretical research to advance and expand knowledge in the field of sociology
  • participates in interdisciplinary research and education
  • brings theory and research to bear on social problems in communities where our students, faculty and staff live and work

Explore the courses offered by the Sociology Department at CU Denver, meet with our undergraduate or graduate advisors, and contact us with any questions. Becoming a Sociology major or graduate student, or adding Sociology courses to your program of study, will provide deeper understanding of our complex world and open multiple pathways to fulfilling careers.

Dr. Jenny Vermilya was featured on Knowing Animals Podcast, Episode 181: Boundaries and Veterinary MedicineDr. Vermilya joined Siobhan O'Sullivan to discuss her new book, “Identity, Gender, and Tracking: the reality of boundaries for veterinary students.” Purdue University Press, 2022