Sociology Master's Program
Virtual Open House
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Greetings from Dr. Teresa Cooney
Sociology Department Chair

Photo of Dr. Teresa Cooney

Sociology for a Changing World

Sociology is the systematic study of the collective behavior and culture of groups and organizations of people. The Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado Denver offers a bachelor’s degree, a minor, a concentration, three undergraduate certificates, as well as a traditional master's degree and a combined 4+1 bachelor’s/master’s degree.

21st century careers require analytical skills, collaboration, multi-cultural and global understandings, data literacy, and excellent written expression. A degree and certification in sociology provides students the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to succeed in today’s workplace and make the world a better place—this includes careers in business/sales/marketing, social services, healthcare, the criminal justice system, education, and research.

Emily Schupbach Photo
Sociology Major, Emily Schupbach,
Shares Her CU Denver Experience


Our Programs

The sociology major at the University of Colorado Denver is tailored to help students develop the data analytical skills and thematic expertise necessary to enter a variety of employment fields. Available fully online.

The sociology minor allows students to take these analytical skills and apply them to other disciplines. Available fully online.

The department’s certificates in Criminology, Families and Social Welfare, and Sociology of Health & Medicine provides majors and non-majors a focused program of study around major areas of practice in contemporary society. Available fully online.

The concentration in Gender and Society builds the understanding necessary for critically evaluating the role of gender in society and addressing contemporary problems such as the gender pay gap, health disparities, family roles, gender violence, and human trafficking. Available fully online.

The department’s graduate programs provide students opportunities to advance their empirical research skills and leverage work and internship opportunities in the Denver metropolitan area to enter or advance careers in research, government, higher education, health care, and nonprofit services or gain entry into the nation’s top Ph.D. programs in sociology.