Photo of Dr. Jenny Vermilya

Dr. Jenny Vermilya is featured on Knowing Animals Podcast, Episode 181: Boundaries and Veterinary Medicine - In this special episode of Knowing Animals, Dr. Vermilya joins Siobhan O'Sullivan, to discuss her new book, “Identity, Gender, and Tracking: the reality of boundaries for veterinary students.” Her book will be published by Purdue University Press in 2022.

Two CU Denver Sociology MA Alumni chosen to present at the Pacific Sociological Association 2022 Conference in Sacramento, California.

Photo of Charlie MyersCHARLIE MYERS, presented a paper titled, “21st Century Sex Work: The Insights of Sex Workers in the Digital Age," in Session 75: Gender, Work, and Community  on Friday, April 8, 2022.



Photo of Keni MartinezKENI RAMIREZ, presented a paper titled, “Tackling Intimate Partner Violence during the COVID-19 Lockdowns: A Qualitative Analysis of the Academic Literature and Popular Media,” in Session 99: Families and Intimate Relationships on Saturday, April 9, 2022.