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Scott Ritner

Simone Weil Against Greatness according to Scott Ritner of CU Boulder

Come join the CU Denver Philosophy Department for guest speaker, Scott B. Ritner, of CU Boulder come talk on "Simone Weil Against Greatness" Abstract: This talk will outline the French philosopher, activist, and mystic, Simone Weil’s (1909-1943) anti-colonial and anti-fascist critique of greatness through a critical analysis of her political...

Candice Shelby

Candice Shelby talked at the Fresno State Ethics Center on 10/5

Candice Shelby is to give a talk on "Living a Whole Life Body and Soul" on 10/5 over Zoom at 6p-7p Mountain Time . Register here for the Zoom link: Key metaphors inform psychological and physical health: balance, stability, rootedness, flexibility, strength, and endurance. This talk will explore those...

Tennis, Inc.

Tennis Inc Performed at Denver's Civic Park!

Alumni Tennis Inc, performed at Denver's Civic Park back in September 2022. In case you missed their performance live, you can always check them out on YouTube!

Frederick Neuhouser

Frederick Neuhouser on “How to Criticize Inequality: Lessons from Piketty”

Guest lecturer Frederick Neuhouser’s take on “How to Criticize Inequality: Lessons from Piketty” Whereas most critiques of inequality criticize disparities in wealth directly—emphasizing the evils and dangers of inequality itself—in fact, the most effective justifications for inequality have historically been indirect, proceeding from a certain conception of the right to...

Roger Ward

Roger Ward on “The Work of Community in C.S. Pierce and Jane Addams”

The CU Denver Philosophy’s Haber Lecture Series kicked off the academic year with “The Work of Community in C.S. Pierce and Jane Addams” by Roger Ward of Georgetown College Abstract: The standard story of a community in American thinking often begins with English Puritans, and though that worldview is well...

David Hildebrand

David Hildebrand Keynote on Technology and Democratic Education in Switzerland

June 17, 2022

In June, Professor of philosophy David Hildebrand presented an invited, sponsored keynote entitled “Democratic Habits and the Challenges of Information Technologies” at the conference “Democratic Education Revisited” at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. His paper argued that new, algorithmic, and “big data” technologies are tracking and changing the nature...

Boram Jeong

Boram Jeong on inVISIBLE | hyperVISIBLE

May 9, 2022

inVISIBLE | hyperVISIBLE will kick off with a panel discussion facilitated by Curator Boram Jeong in the Grace Gamm Theater prior to the opening reception. The panel will include local participating artists including Erin Hyunhee Kang, Sammy Lee, Renluka Maharaj, Liz Quan, Chinn Wang, and Thomas Yi. This is a...

Candice Shelby

Candice Shelby talks to the Denverite

May 4, 2022

Professor Candice Shelby recently talked to the Denverite regarding the arrests that are happening at Union Station. Read here for the full article .

David Kim

Guest Lecturer Dr. David Kim

March 24, 2022

Join us as we welcome Dr. David Kim from the University of San Francisco's Philosophy department on April 28, 2022, at 3:30p. He will be discussing xenophobia as a form of civic ostracism and its distinctive effects in anti-Asian racism. In doing so, he offers a sympathetic critique of the...


Alumni Spotlight and Roundtable Event

Feb. 9, 2022

Each year, the Philosophy department has individuals who go beyond the walls of academia. Many go on to work for nonprofits on policy change work and others go into marketing. Whatever their path is, they started here at CU Denver as a student in the Philosophy department. Please join us...