David Hildebrand Presents "Autonomy and Ethics in an Age of Algorithmic A.I." 11/15/2023

Flyer for Hildebrand's talk and abstract

What are the epistemic and ethical implications of generative A.I. and ChatGPT technologies? This talk will examine our present technological situation and will raise questions about the impact upon agency, autonomy, empathy, and our ability for free inquiry.

David Hildebrand, Philosophy Professor, presented on the ethics of data and A.I. at two conferences in September, 2023. In Helsinki, Finland he presented “Autonomy and Ethics in an Age of Algorithmic A.I” at the University of Helsinki and “Algorithms, A.I. and Data in Education: New Promises and Core Values” at the workshop, Pragmatist Approaches to Technological Problems. In Stockholm, Sweden, he presented on similar themes to a workshop and conference funded by the Swedish Research Council entitled Exploring Values in Emerging Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Education and Learning. These conferences support two of his publications presently in press: “Data in Educational Practice” in the volume Framing Futures in Postdigital Education: Critical Concepts for Data-driven Practices (Springer series in Postdigital Science and Education) and “Democracy without Autonomy? Information Technology’s Manipulation of Experience and Morality” in the volume John Dewey and Contemporary Challenges in Education (Routledge).