Haber Memorial Library

About the Library

The Honi F. Haber Library was dedicated on March 29, 1996 in memory of CU Professor Honi F. Haber. The library provides a warm and intimate setting for classes and professional colloquies and gives philosophy students a quiet place to study or meet with faculty.

The library holds over 1300 volumes, many from Honi's books and papers and those donated by her colleagues, and includes reference tools such as the Oxford English Dictionary.

"Honi was a dedicated teacher, organizer of student activities, and role model -especially for women. She will be sorely missed by all who came into contact with her with an open mind and heart." (From the dedication ceremony)

The Haber Memorial Library is located inside the Philosophy Department, in Plaza M108, Room A.

Passed through with a gift of laughter and a feeling of absurdities, confirmed. 
-- Honi F. Haber, December 20, 1995.

If you are interested in checking out material from the Haber Library, please contact the program assistant for more details.