Out of the CLAS-Room: Amplifying Racial Equity

Thursday, September 14
11:00 am - 12:15 pm
640 Tivoli

CLAS proudly presents CLAS MixTape, an eclectic series of programs that highlight the research, teaching, and service accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. MixTape aims to build community, showcase our work, and deepen understanding of how the liberal arts and sciences contribute to a robust democracy and help solve society’s grand challenges.

Just as mixtapes consist of thoughtfully selected songs meant for a particular person, CLAS MixTape comprises carefully curated content intended to shed light on society’s most pressing problems.

Join us for the inaugural CLAS MixTape's sampling of faculty, students, and alumni work that promotes racial equity.

Featuring Edelina Burciaga, Dennis Green, Charles Musiba, Fayelynn Scheideman and special guests discussing topics such as geneaology, dreamers, world heritage sites, and bison DNA.

Learn about CLAS efforts to promote racial equity and support CU Denver in being an equity-serving institution.


Anisha Armstrong

Anisha Armstrong is an undergraduate psychology major with a passion for advocating for diverse communities. As a multi-ethnic person, she is acutely aware of how lack of representation affects different communities. She not only desires to be an advocate for communities, but she has made it her life-goal to help teach others how to be self-advocates as well.

Edelina Burciaga

Edelina M. Burciaga is an Assistant Professor in Sociology and a faculty affiliate in the Immigration and Citizenship Law Program at CU Boulder Law. Combining her law degree with her sociology doctorate, Edelina’s research examines the experiences of undocumented immigrants who came to United States as children, and who remain in the country without a pathway to citizenship. https://news.ucdenver.edu/how-some-marginalized-communities-experience-t...

Ahja Fox

Ahja Fox, the Poet Laureate of Aurora, Colorado, is a proud CLAS alumna. She has editorial, hosting, and teaching experience and has published in various online and print journals. One of her two draft manuscripts was a CAAPP Book Prize Finalist in 2021 and a GASHER Press First Book Scholarship Finalist in 2022. Discover more at dangerspoetics.wordpress.com/ and follow her on any social media platform @aefoxx. https://www.rmpbs.org/blogs/rocky-mountain-pbs/aurora-poet-laureate-desc...

Dennis Green

Dennis Green is a Senior Instructor in Ethnic Studies with more than 50 years of experience studying American ethnic history. Dennis specializes in African American history with a focus on social movements, family studies, film and music, sports, and social gerontology. He is currently working on a project detailing the social history of the African American families of Taylor, Arkansas. https://news.ucdenver.edu/what-is-ethnic-studies/

Charles Musiba

Charles Musiba is a Professor of Anthropology who has been working at Laetoli in Tanzania for more than twenty years. He is a co-founder of the Tanzania Field School, a joint educational program, and he holds a research faculty appointment at the Centre for the Exploration of the Deep Human Journey at University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. Charles studies the relationship between climate and human evolution, which has led him to investigate matters of cultural heritage and preservation. https://home.dartmouth.edu/news/2021/12/mysterious-footprints-tanzania-m...

Faye Scheideman

Faye Scheideman is conducting her biology master’s research with the Denver Mountain Parks Bison herds in partnership with the Denver Zoo and Denver Mountain Parks. She previously completed a certificate in Environmental Stewardship of Environmental Lands (ESIL). Her work examines the genetic diversity of bison herds and their relations to other US herds to better inform the management and return of these herds to indigenous communities.