Departments are responsible for entering:

  • All Student Assistant Appointments – HCM entry, letters, approval
  • Student Faculty Appointments – HCM entry, letter (Dean’s Office will approve)
  • Lecturers – CU Careers, HCM entry, letter (Dean’s Office will approve and route letters to Dean for signature)
  • New Hire Paperwork, including I-9 and initiating background check for students and lecturers

Personnel Matters Report (PMR)

PMR Submission Requirements – Effective 6/1/19

  • Effective June 1, 2019, the PMR report will be generated from HCM and will no longer be submitted to HR by schools/colleges/departments/units
  • Comments will be required for accurate and complete information to aid in building the PMR report
  • Signed letters of offer will continue to be submitted by the school/college/department/unit to, as required, on or before the effective date of the action

HCM Data Entry Requirements – Effective 5/15/19 

  • Comments are now required in ePAR and template entries for any pay associated transactions
    • You must indicate if a search was conducted by using the following coding:

Please be sure there are no spaces within the code

  • CHRREQ (add requisition number here) (Example: CHRREQ12345)


  • You must indicate if an individual was hired via an appointment type by using the following coding:

Please be sure there are no spaces within the code

  • CHRAPPT1 (for appointment type 1) – Please add CHRREQ as noted above to indicate the requisition the employee is being appointed from


  • Comments are now required in ePAR and template entries for late pay entries. Late pay entries are considered anything entered into HCM after payroll runs for the month. Please be sure to type in the appropriate code AND the phrase exactly as it appears below:
    • CHL8DEPT: Late submission from department/unit
    • CHL8PERS: Last minute personnel change
    • CHL8APPR: Approval received late
    • CHL8DATE: Change in start date
    • CHL8CENSUS: Census date

Please note: It is the department’s responsibility to ensure all data entries are accurate

    Note: Effective May 1, 2019, comments must be included or the transaction will be pushed back. The PMR spreadsheet is no longer required for lecturer appointments, but all letters (with Dean and employee signatures) must be submitted to the inbox.

    Faculty & University Staff Appointment Type Reasons

    In order to hire someone via an appointment type 1, please provide the corresponding information/justification in the notes section of the non-person profile in HCM. Please also include a copy of the job description and candidate's resume with your submission.

    • Reason #1. Qualified candidate is available from a previous search. Job descriptions must be similar. Must include previous search’s Job Posting/Requisition Number, proposed salary, and a copy of the candidate's resume in your submission.

    Per Central HR,  appointment type 2 (also referred to as a search waiver) are no longer allowed without a posting: transfers, rehiring former employees, students moving from a TA to lecturer role.

    Requests must be made via NPP in HCM. You can then email the ePAR number of the request to