Photo of Rebecca Hunt

Dr. Rebecca Hunt Appointed Western History Association Public History Committee Chair

Rebecca Hunt, Professor of History and Co-director of the Public History Program, attended the Western History association (WHA) Annual meeting in San Diego, California. Hunt attended a session by Patty Limerick, an advisor to her during the Ph. D program at CU Boulder. Through discussion about contested history after this...

Photo of Dr. Finkelstein

Conference of the German Studies Association, Dr. Gabriel Finkelstein

Gabriel Finkelstein, Professor of History, traveled to the Forty-First Annual Conference of the German Studies Association in Atlanta on 5-8 October 2017. Finkelstein was invited to join the panel “Between Asia and Germany: The Circulation of Science and Technology in the 19th and 20th Centuries,” for which he gave a...

Photo of Dr. Chris Agee

Journal of Urban History Contributions, Dr. Chris Agee

Chris Agee, Professor of History and Undergraduate Student Advisor, edited an eight-article special section for the Journal of Urban History titled “The Police in Urban America Since World War II.” Agee also contributed the article "Crisis and Redemption: The History of American Police Reform since World War II” to that...

Judith Martinez

University-wide Alumni Recognition Award, Judith Martinez '84

Judith Martinez received her Bachelor of Arts in 1984 from CU Denver having studied History and Ethnic Studies. Martinez went on to receive her Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning in 2001 from CU Denver. Martinez said that she has always been drawn to the personal connections one makes through...

Photo of History Faculty

Updated History Department Mission Statement

In the Spring of 2018, the CU Denver History Department agreed to a new unifying statement of purpose. Every action on behalf of the department seeks to support and affirm this charge. The reinvigorated mission statement is as follows: The History Department encourages engagement with the past by supporting students...

Photo of Kerpius

Migrants in the Mediterranean - Pamela Kerpius '02

May 7, 2019

Pamela Kerpius graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in History from CU Denver in 2002.While studying at CU she focused on US Foreign Policy and presidential history. Kerpius went on to receive her MA in Cinema Studies from New York University in 2005 and has taught Film History at the...

Photo of Marjorie Levine-Clark

Dr. Marjorie Levine-Clark Commissioned to Prepare Four Volume Collection on Unemployment in Britain from 1824-1911

April 29, 2019

Dr. Marjorie Levine-Clark, History Professor and Associate Dean, was recently commissioned by the publisher Routledge to compile a four-volume collection on unemployment in Britain between the years of 1824 and 1911, which will be published both digitally and in hardcover. Each thematic volume will include thirty to fifty primary sources...

Dr. Ryan Crewe at his desk

CLAS Presents Dr. Ryan Crewe with Diversity in Teaching Award

April 29, 2019

Dr. Ryan Crewe was presented with the Diversity in Teaching Award by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in May of 2019. A formal presentation ceremony was held on May 3rd. Dr. Crewe, who teaches a myriad of courses ranging from History of Modern Mexico to Oceans in History,...

Photo of Chelane Garcia-Herrada

From History Major to the Medical Field, Chelane Garcia-Herrada

April 29, 2019

Chelane Garcia-Herrada, CU Denver History Department Alumni, was recently accepted into a Post-Baccalaureate, Pre-Medical Program at Mills College. Garcia-Herrada graduated from our history program Summa Cum Laude in 2017. Garcia-Herrada has planned to go to medical school since graduating high school. With the help of her undergraduate degree in History,...

Marina Mecham, Competitive Fellowships and Dissertation Research in South Africa

April 29, 2019

CU Denver History Department Alumni, Marina Mecham, graduated from our MA History Program in 2016. Mecham is now a PhD student at Indiana University Bloomington focusing on Middle Eastern History. We are excited to announce that she has received two summer research fellowships, the Ruth Lilly Research Fellowship and the...