Jeff Franklin

Jeff Franklin

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Denver, CO 80217-3364

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About Dr. Jeff Franklin:

Jeff Franklin has been a professor at CU Denver since 2000. He has had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of literature and literary studies courses, especially in the history of the novel, nineteenth-century British literature and culture, critical theory, and poetry. His scholarship has come to focus on religion in Victorian Britain, Buddhism and alternative religions. He also teaches mindfulness meditation. He loves living in Denver with his wife, Judy Lucas, and being with their grown children and granddaughter. He loves to talk with family and friends, read, camp, hike, kayak, sail, ski, hang out at the beach, and sit in nature's beauty.


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Individual poems published in journals such as Arts & Letters, Crab Orchard Review, Measure, New England Review, Shenandoah, Southern Poetry Review, and Best American Poetry.

Areas of Expertise: My research focuses on nineteenth-century British culture and literature, in particular religious discourse in Victorian England and the British Empire. I also have expertise in the history of the British novel, the history of poetry, poetic form, Buddhism, nineteenth-century spiritualism and occultism, and specific Victorian authors. I am seriously interested in the teaching of writing.

Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 6018, The Literature of Victorian Religion
  • ENGL 6015, From Decadence to Modernism: British Literature 1880-1920
  • ENGL 6001, Critical Theory in Literature and Film
  • ENGL 5100, Literary Research and Writing (methods course for MA students)
  • ENGL 4999, Victorian Masculinities
  • ENGL 4803, Special Topics in Creative Writing: The Forms of Poetry
  • ENGL 4700/5004, Literature of the British Empire
  • ENGL 4600/5600, Modern British and Irish Literature
  • ENGL 4580/5580, The Victorian Age (British literature 1837-1901)
  • ENGL 4320/5320, History of Poetry in English
  • ENGL 4210/5210, History of the English Novel II (19th-20th century)
  • ENGL 4200/5200, History of the English Novel I (17th-18th century)
  • ENGL 4025, Advanced Writing Workshop: Poetry
  • ENGL 4180, Argumentation and Logic
  • ENGL 4000/5000, Major Authors: Thomas Hardy & D.H. Lawrence
  • ENGL 3330, Gothic Literature
  • ENGL 3020, Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry
  • ENGL 3001, Critical Writing (Introduction to literary theory, scholarship, writing)
  • ENGL 2154, Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 1400, Introduction to Literary Studies
  • UHL 3502, The Literature and History of Science in the Nineteenth Century